10 Best Companies To Work For In Kenya

2 years ago

In this day and time, it is no longer just about getting a job with good pay, but also considering factors such as working environment, office culture, opportunities for growth and benefits packages.
With this in mind, we bring you a list of the best companies to work for in Kenya in 2017, according to Federation of Kenyan Employers.
Here goes;
Workplace environment
1. British American Tobacco
2. General Motors East Africa
3. East Africa Breweries
Inclusiveness and Diversity
1. The University of Nairobi
2. East Africa Portland Cement
3. General Motors East Africa
Leadership and Governance
1. Centum Investment
2. British American Tobacco
3. University of Nairobi
Learning and Development
1. Centum Investment Company
2. East Africa Breweries
3. British American Tobacco
Effective HR Practices
1. British American Tobacco
2. General Motors East Africa
3. Bollore Transport and Logistics
Responsible Business Conduct
1. Lewa Wildlife Conservancy
2. General Motors East Africa
3. Davis and Shirtliff
At this point you can guess which three companies won the overall prizes? No? Well, the best was British American Tobacco, at number two we had Centum Investments and second runners up went to University of Nairobi.
Looking for a job? You now know where to send your CVs!



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