Basic Rules Governing Any WhatsApp Group


    I am in over 10 WhatsApp groups, and the other day in one of the groups people were threatening to leave if a particular section continued with their demands, which were, rightfully, that the group retains its initial agenda.

    The arguments went back and forth, with a final verdict that the group noisemakers tone down a little on the ‘noise’ so everyone is comfortable. Which got me thinking, what are the basic rules of every WhatsApp group?

    Here are some I gathered from the arguments;

    1. Stay Relevant To The Subject Matter
    Avoid posting comments, questions, forwarded text messages that are irrelevant to the subject of the group.

    If it is a reader’s club, material posted should be related to books.

    If it’s a group for marketing purposes, then avoid religious messages. Which also explains why not every group is for posting what you have on sale.

    2. Do Not Get Personal With People In The Group Chats
    Slide into the DMs! If you have personal beef or issues with someone, settle it aside. Wage war over there.

    Also, if you are romantically interested in someone in the group, confess your feelings in their DM, not embarrassing them ‘in front’ of everyone. Ha-ha.

    3. Think Twice Before Leaving
    This is because we have those people who leave, then request to be added back, then leave again, then feel they must be missing out on something, then want to be back.

    So annoying! Do not be this person. If you leave a group, be sure that is exactly what you desire. No one wants watermelons in form of people in life.

    These three rules should govern every WhatsApp group, no matter the subject.

    Otherwise, one day you might wake up to 1000 messages of people arguing back and forth about rules and regulations.

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