Hot M-Pesa Agent Sends Flirtatious Text to ‘Security Officer’ After He Deposited Sh 70,000


    You have got to love the creativity and sense of humor that Kenyans possess.

    Yesterday, we showed you how a ‘Mama wa Kibandaski’ sent a flirtatious text to a customer who paid via Lipa na Mpesa.

    In keeping up with what has now become the #LauraOrangeKenyaEmployeeChallenge, another hilarious Whatsapp thread has emerged on social media.

    A ‘security officer’ deposited Sh 70,000 at an MPesa agent in Kondele and later received a photo and a text from the gorgeous MPesa agent.

    This is how it went down:



    It is worth noting though, that is not a true story as there are applications you can use to fake a Whatsapp thread.

    Source: Nairobi Wire