Koffi Olomide’s Promoter Jules Nsana: I lost Sh10 million and I don’t intend to work with Koffi in the near future

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The Kenya-based Congolese promoter Jules Nsana has vowed not to work with Koffi Olomide anytime soon owing to the huge loss he suffered as a result of the singer’s unruly behavior last Friday.

  • Speaking to SDE, Nsana revealed that contrary to various media reports circulating of Sh5 million loss, he is counting losses to a tune of Sh10 million, owing to the incident which saw Koffi Olomide deported back to DRC on Saturday at 11:30 am aboard Kenya Airways.
  • According to Nsana prior to the event, he had spent the sum of Sh3 million in paying Koffi for the show.
  • Sh4 million for return tickets of the 25 band members aboard Kenya Airways, their accommodation at the luxurious Kempinski among other expenses.

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“Although I am yet to get over it, I strongly support the action taken by the Kenyan Government. Who knows maybe they forsaw a disaster that could have cropped up during the show and hence their decision to deport him,” he said adding that it is high time the musician redeemed his image.

Nsana has also assured Kenyans who paid for the show will be refunded.

“I signed a contract with Jambo who has been handling the monies accrued from fans and so far I have not touched a single cent from it,” he said.

He has directed the online firm Jambo Link where fans were booking their tickets to return the money back to them.

He says he was devastated at the turn of events and apologized to Kenyans for what happened which caught him by surprise.

Sources: SDE | Trending.co.ke

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