Rohto Mentholatum Kenya Signs Former Miss World Kenya as Ambassador for Mentholatum Acnes

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Rohto Mentholatum Kenya has appointed former Miss World Kenya Ms. Charity Mwangi as the ambassador for its skin care brand Acnes Mentholatum.

The appointment comes two weeks after Ms. Mwangi spoke during a recent skin care session organized by the company and held at the iHub, Ngong Road.Props to her!

Props to her!

Mentholatum Acnes is an array of premier skin care products and is one among many of the company’s brands.

Rohto Mentholatum is a leading Japanese Pharmaceutical Company that has been around for over 100 years.

The company entered the Kenyan market in 2016 and plans to establish a factory in Kenya in the next five years.

Mentholatum has already established its niche and is virtually a household name in Kenya. These show that the company means business.

As the new face the Mentholatum Acnes (K), Ms. Mwangi will be the brand’s proxy.

Her status as a beauty queen puts her in a unique position to champion the brand’s marketing and social responsibility activities across Kenya.

Speaking after accepting the role, Ms. Mwangi said,

“I am excited to get this opportunity to champion this brand since it gives me a chance to encourage and inspire young girls into success using my story,”

In case you are scrolling down for more information on the proverbial beauty queen, here are some facts: she was raised in Kiambu. Yes, Kiambu.

It’s time to stop with the Kiambu hullabaloo as we can finally attest that glitz and glamor can, indeed, come from Kiambu.

She’s the perfect proof. She graduated from Kenyatta University with a Bachelor of Agricultural Resource Management.

She is a businesswoman.

Most young people have had to deal with acne at some point in life. The experience is not funny.

I came across a quote that read “Acne is a bigger problem than injuries” and I couldn’t agree more with it.

If acne has never knocked at your door, you better start tithing religiously.

Ms. Mwangi understands this too well and was quoted saying,

 “The reality of acne can be uncomfortable and even painful. It leaves scars and destroys a girl’s confidence, eventually hampering career progression and growth.”

That’s 333,787% accurate.

Rohto Mentholatum (K) Ltd’s Managing Director Ms. Fumiko Akojima echoed these sentiments saying “Most people have had to deal with acne at some point in life.

The mental part of dealing with acne is something many people can relate to, and in most cases leads to low levels of confidence.”

Skin experts state that acne or pimples occur when there is an overproduction of sebum by the sebaceous glands.

Excessive sebum together with dead cells can block the skin pores and create a perfect environment for acne bacteria to multiply resulting in inflamed pus-filled pimples.

Common areas affected by acne include face, neck, chest, shoulder, and back. While acne is common among teenagers, it can also occur during adulthood.

Ms. Akojima expressed the company’s commitment to continue manufacturing products that leave a positive impact on the lives of their customers.

She added that the company has invested heavily in the production process.

The statement read, in part,

“…We have invested heavily in Research and Development and we are focused on ensuring the wellbeing of our customers.”

In short, she is telling you that you should not let pimples or acne stop you from grinding; Mentholatum Acnes is carefully formulated for the African skin.

The cosmetic market in Kenya is valued at Ksh. 100 billion and continues to grow.

This value is attributed to the growing middle class with increased disposable income.

We applaud Ms. Mwangi and thank Mentholatum Acnes as we have ourselves great partners in the fight against acne.

Guess the “tuko pamoja” mantra suits this context better.

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