Social Media Marketing- Facebook Marketing Tips


    Facebook marketing is a big deal today. That means that social media marketers can use some tips on how to become better at their craft.

    Facebook is the biggest social media marketing tool, considering it boasts of over 2 Billion users across the world.

    Facebook offers marketing in 3 ways;

    1. Facebook pages
    Facebook pages are meant for brands. This ranges from companies to personalities, to organizations. There are two advantages associated with having a Facebook page over a Facebook profile account.

    The first is that the page can be liked by anyone. There is no process of having to send a request, then wait for a response from the page admin.

    A Facebook page has no limit to the number of people who can like and follow.

    Secondly, Facebook pages provide a good platform to market your products, as whatever you post filter automatically to the news feeds of those who have liked the page.

    Even better, many times page activity will appear in the timelines of users who have not liked the page, but whose friends have interacted with the page.

    2. Facebook Ads
    Facebook Ads are very effective, and even better is that you can create a budget plan that fits your needs.

    The Ads allows you to customize your target audience, a very effective way to ensure the people who get to see the Ad are exactly the audience you are interested in.

    These Ads are flexible; you can create a daily, weekly, monthly or even lifetime plan.

    3. Facebook Groups
    Creating a Facebook group is free, and a very effective way to market products. Once the group has been created, you can add in members, who also, in turn, can add in more people.

    Whatever is posted on the group, members get a notification and are able to check and see the post. This is an instant way of communication with the targeted group of people.

    Also, the member can share posts from the group to pages and personal Facebook accounts.

    The best way to approach social media marketing is by understanding how social media sites work, and what tools are available to ensure maximum utilization of the site.

    Facebook is easy to use, and creating user profiles, pages, and groups are all free.

    The budgets for Ads pretty much depends on what you intend to achieve, as you can promote a post for as little as $1.01 a day.

    Very important is to understand your audience, and communicate in a language they understand, both technically and theoretically speaking.

    With this information, you can make the most of Facebook marketing and most importantly the various Facebook marketing strategies.

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