Faiba Kenya Packages, Speeds, and Prices

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Jamii Telecom’s Faiba is perhaps widely known for its hilarious animation advertisements.

But there is more to Faiba than many know. For instance, the company has great coverage since it has expanded its services to 20 counties in Kenya. Further expansion plans are underway.

Faiba internet offers two categories of internet services: Faiba Home and Faiba Business.

Also, the giant telecommunications company offers Faiba Konnect.

Under each of the three categories, there are various packages that come with different bandwidths and prices.

Faiba Kenya Packages, Speed, and Prices (Revised)

1. The Faiba Home Package

PackageSpeed (Mbps)Charge (Monthly)
Faiba 30Mbps30MbpsKsh. 5,000
Faiba 50Mbps50MbpsKsh. 10,000
Faiba 75Mbps75MbpsKsh. 15,000
Faiba 125Mbps125MbpsKsh. 20,000


Each of these packages attracts an installation cost of Ksh. 15,000.

This price is definitely on the higher side when compared to Zuku charges.

The monthly charges are also a bit high; hence, it is prudent to assume the main target is the high-end market.

2. Faiba Business Packages, speed, and Prices (Revised):

PackageSpeed (Mbps)UsersCharges (Monthly)
Faiba Business 1550Mbps1-10Ksh. 10,000
Faiba Business 2525Mbps11-20Ksh. 15,000
Faiba Business 4040Mbps21-20Ksh. 25,000
Faiba Business 6060Mbps31-40Ksh. 30,000
Faiba Business 7575Mbps41-50Ksh. 40,000
Faiba Business 100100Mbps51-65Ksh. 55,000


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The installation fee is Ksh. 15,000 for Faiba ready locations. In other locations, the price will be determined by the technical team after a survey is conducted.

The monthly charges are a bit high, especially when compared to those of other internet service providers in the industry.

Faiba Konnect is another internet service from Jamii Telecommunications and it offers a connection between two points.

The Point to Point (P2P) connection can allow connection of two remote sites. For instance, Faiba Konnect can make a connection between a company’s headquarters and its various branches.

3. Faiba Konnect Packages, speed, and Prices:

PackageSpeedCharges (Monthly)
Faiba Konnect 11MbpsKsh. 9,000
Faiba Konnect 22MbpsKsh. 15,000
Faiba Konnect 33MbpsKsh. 20,000
Faiba Konnect 55MbpsKsh. 30,000
Faiba Konnect 1010MbpsKsh. 57,000
Faiba Konnect 2020MbpsKsh. 90,000
Faiba Konnect 5050MbpsKsh. 150,000


Faiba faces stiff competition from other internet service providers such as access Kenya, Safaricom, and Airtel.

Zuku is cheaper to install and maintain in terms of monthly charges when compared to Faiba whose installation and monthly charges are a bit higher.

The major difference is that Zuku packages and prices target the common man while Faiba seems to target the high-end market.

Recently, Safaricom introduced 4G internet services and this product is likely to attract new trends in the market.

The consumption of the internet has been increasing over the past decade and this trend is likely to continue into the future.

It will be interesting to see how Jamii Telecommunications and other service providers in the industry will evolve so as to meet changing consumer needs.

It is inevitable that the internet will become more affordable and accessible to more counties in 2017 and beyond.

Faiba customer care contact information:

Tel. +254 20 840 5100 | +254 711 054 100 | +254 732 132 100

Email: or

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Dieudonné ZENG

I live in Osorongai village, NG’ENYILEL ward, TURBO constituency. is it possible for you to install in my home your internet? it is about 3.5km from Uganda road. how much may it cost?