HOSTAFRICA Acquires Sasahost Kenya to Expand Presence in African

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HOSTAFRICA’s Strategic Move: Acquiring Sasahost to Bolster African Presence in Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya | December 1, 2023 – HOSTAFRICA, a leading web hosting provider with a track record of successful expansions across Africa, is thrilled to announce its acquisition of Sasahost LLP, a prominent Kenyan web hosting company. The acquisition, effective December 1, 2023, marks HOSTAFRICA’s eighth strategic move since its inception, solidifying its commitment to digital growth and excellence on the continent.

This strategic acquisition aligns with HOSTAFRICA’s broader vision of becoming a powerhouse in the African hosting market. Following successful expansions into Ghana and Nigeria, the company is now focused on deepening its reach in Kenya, building on its previous EAC acquisition.

HOSTAFRICA, originating in South Africa, has played a pivotal role in shaping the African hosting landscape. Through strategic acquisitions across Africa, the company offers a diverse range of services tailored to the unique needs of the African market, including web hosting, domain registration, and servers.

Sasahost, recognized as one of the top five web hosting providers in Kenya, brings to HOSTAFRICA a robust local presence and a dedicated customer base. The acquisition is a significant step toward strengthening HOSTAFRICA’s position in Kenya and beyond.

Paul Masibo, CEO of Sasahost, expressed confidence in the acquisition, stating, “Looking ahead, we’re thrilled to share that our new partner is as dedicated to great customer service as we are. This matches our values and goals, and we’re sure our customers will keep getting the great service they’re used to from us.”

Michael Osterloh, Managing Director at HOSTAFRICA, emphasized the company’s commitment to growth and expansion, stating, “With our top-rated hosting solutions, our goal is to reach every corner of Africa. Establishing a strong base in Kenya is the beginning of our journey to expand our services throughout the continent.”

Starting December 2023, HOSTAFRICA will seamlessly integrate Sasahost’s customers into its platform. The integration process prioritizes service continuity, introducing advanced features and support. Osterloh added, “We are fully aware of the importance of a smooth transition for Sasahost’s customers. Our team is committed to ensuring an effortless migration and maintaining our high standards in customer service.”

This acquisition is not only about providing state-of-the-art hosting services in Kenya but also about setting a new standard for hosting in the country. HOSTAFRICA is poised to deliver exceptional technology and service, redefining what it means to be hosted in Africa. Clients can expect an exciting journey ahead as HOSTAFRICA takes the lead in shaping the future of web hosting in Kenya.

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