10 Things to Consider When Buying a Smartphone in Kenya


    There are certain things that you should consider when buying your next smartphone. So, what exactly makes a good smartphone? This is a legitimate question especially now that smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Some of their most important uses are communication, storage of documents, taking pictures, and internet browsing. Smartphones are indispensable companions and that is why you should buy one the adequately meets your needs. Truth is that you should choose a smartphone by features that will meet your needs adequately.

    Below are 10 key features you should consider:

    Screen size and type

    An important question to ask yourself is, “what screen size and type are right for me?” Smartphones may come in different screen types such as LED, OLED, LCD, HD Super AMOLED, among others. The choice will determine the brightness of the colors and viewing angles. At present, the Quad HD Super AMOLED display is perhaps one of the best. In terms of size, you can opt for a screen of between 4.5-inch and 5.0-inch screen or one of over 5.0-inch if you want to read ebooks, watch videos/movies, browse the internet or undertake tasks that would be best undertaken via a bigger screen size. To be honest, a 3.5-inch screen is not the way to go given the many cheap smartphones with bigger screens.

    While at it, note that the bigger the screen, the higher the power consumption.


    The resolution has to do with the number of pixels and how densely they are packed. Higher pixels and pixel density translate into a better display. This factor also affects brightness, color quality, and accuracy as well as viewing angles. And since I am giving you a smartphone buying guide, it is important to inform you about one of the sharpest resolutions. At present, one of the best is the Quad-HD resolution which is 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. A full HD which is 1,920 x 1,080 pixels is not bad, but not the best either.

    Operating System

    Do you prefer your smartphone to run on Android, Windows or iOS? Android dominates the market and for good reasons; it is an open system and you can customize some aspects. Android v6.0 Marshmallow may have dominated the airwaves in 2016 but it’s time for Nougat. You can, of course, upgrade from Marshmallow to Nougat. This is definitely an important tip on how to choose a smartphone in 2017.


    The speed of your smartphone’s CPU determines how fast it allows you to complete various commands. The type of processor and the number of cores determine how fast your smartphone processes information. Have you been hearing of single-core, dual-core, octa-core, deca-core mean? Well, these are the number of CPU cores and the higher the number, the better the processing ability. Some popular mobile processors are Qualcomm Snapdragon, Media Tek, HiSilicon, Samsung Exynos, Nvidia Tegra, and Apples’ series’:  A series, A10 Fusion, S series, W series, and T series.

    Storage Space

    When people ask the ‘what phone should I buy question?’ one of the things they are curious about is the storage space. A good internal storage will ensure that you can store many files.  A smartphone offering a 1GB and 2GB RAM in 2017 won’t cut it for me. I mean, what’s the point. But if you are okay with increasing the storage capacity, you can go ahead and purchase smartphones with average storage. You should note that iPhones do not come with a memory slot. 3GB and above is okay but 2017 promises RAMs of up to 8GB! Though that is just a speculation, it would be an awesome idea.

    Camera quality and features

    This is definitely important. Very important. Some people assume that higher megapixels translate into quality images, but this is not always the case. The GSM Arena’s Photo Compare Tool is perhaps one of the most important tools since it allows you to compare cameras of up to three smartphones in three different setups. Also, be sure to check the number of camera features available and whether they align with your needs.

    Compatibility with Apps

    Different mobile operating systems are compatible with different apps. Some apps available to iOS are not available to Android users; hence, this should be an important point of consideration. Opt for a handset that gives you a wide array of options so that you can install apps that meet our needs.

    Battery Life

    This is one of the reasons you should never buy a smartphone without a contract. Phone companies will give you at least one year warranty. If you are a heavy user or are always on the road, battery life is a very important consideration. Consider talk time: A smartphone giving you less than 12 hours is not a good option.


    What is the smartphone’s signal strength? Consider the network strength of a handset especially if you travel a lot.

    Security Features

    What level of security do you want in your new handset? The important role that fingerprint sensors play cannot be overlooked. In 2017, we might see more advanced security features incorporated such as iris scanner if the rumors flying around are anything to go by.

    There you have it! This should essentially help you refrain from the statement “help me choose a smartphone” next time you want to buy a handset.

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