10 Dont’s for this Valentines

4 years ago

To save you from shame and stress, here is a list of 10 dont’s for this Valentines Day:

1. Dump someone or cheat

Is it that hard to wait for another day to dump or cheat on someone?

Cheating or dumping someone on Valentine’s Day may leave them with a lifelong scar.

If you are not feeling her or him anymore, break up now or after the 14th!

This is not calculus, it’s just common courtesy.

2. Buy Bad gifts

You have had the time to think through but the gift you end up buying leaves your partner with a yawn!

Get to know your partner better before you splurge on the world’s ugliest handbag or belt.

What’s the point of wasting your hard money on a bad gift?

If you are not sure, you can ask your partner.

3. Pretend to be happy while you are sulking on the inside

I think we can all agree that this should be saved for all the hard days ahead.

Like the moment you will have to sit across that HR manager that you loath and still nod at their otherwise dreary ideas.

Switch to something else if what you are doing is draining the life out of you.

4. Make promises you can’t keep

Most of these promises may be impossible to keep.

So, instead of making empty promises, stay tight lipped and enjoy the moment.

5. Buy nothing

This is just the worst surprise ever especially when the recipient is a female.

She may pretend to be okay but trust me she ain’t.

Women are complicated. Pretty sure you know that by now.

Surprise your partner that day; buy him or her a present.

6. Bring a third wheel

Don’t tag along that BFF who is recently single.

It’s just awkward and it will ruin the romantic vibe.

Let them fly solo or come up with their own plot.

There are many awkward struggles associated with being the third wheel like dancing alone.

7. Text or call an ex

Oh-no you shouldn’t! I repeat! You shouldn’t!

Steer clear unless he or she has sent you a present and shows signs of wanting you back and you are okay with a possible reunion.

Contacting your ex for the sake of comfort for just one day may cost you afterward.

Seeing couples acting all lovey-dovey may bring nostalgia but temptations to contact ex-partners should be resisted.

Avoid doing this, it is a trap and you will be left with regrets.

8. Talk about past Valentines with a new bae

Your ex or exes may have taken you to Villa Rosa Kempinski for Valentines, rented a whole stadium for your date, took you to a private island or treated you to an extravagant present, but this does not mean that you should reminisce this with your current.

It’s just plain nasty and rude. Keep your past where it belongs regardless of how eventful it was.

9. Propose

The good lord has given us 365 days and you opt to propose on 14th of February? So have 122,999 others!

It’s just cliché and your day will never be special since everyone else will be celebrating love.

Get a bit creative and do it another day and time.

10. Buy overly extravagant gifts

This is common with new relationships.

Opt for simple gifts since they appear more genuine.

Don’t splurge on that 8k handbag or cologne and end up struggling to balance your books for the rest of February.



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