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15 Ways Technology Has Changed Cats’ Lives


Smartphones, computers, the internet and other technologies of today, are things we cannot live without. Less than two decades ago, the world was a very different place, not only for human beings, but also for cats.

As their owners acquire more electronics, cats have found themselves in uncomfortable situations, and have needed to adapt considerably.

These pictures look at ways technology has changed their lives.

1. Sitting on TVcat1

2. Intruding personal spacecat2

3. Getting warmcat3

4. Huntingcat4

5. Getting tangledcat5

6. Bird watchingcat6

7. Fishingcat7

8. Catceptioncat8

9. Datingcat9

10. Playing

11. Runningcat11

12. Housingcat12

13. Taking photoscat13

14. Playingcat14

15. Bird watchingcat15

Source: Nairobi Wire