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Óscar Ruggeri vs Careca III

If there is a former footballer with whom you really never wanted to have a problem was Argentine player Óscar Ruggeri. You can sign up to the 1xBet – one of popular Uganda betting sites and use it to wager on the best players from that nation.

He is well known for the feud he had with Paraguayan legendary goalkeeper José Luis Chilavert. The Argentine intentionally tried to break the keeper’s leg in order to “solve” an older dispute they had. Thankfully he was unable to achieve his goal. The 1xBet Uganda platform is one of the most popular betting sites right now, and it is available for its use on other fantastic footballers.

An unprovoked punch

On the 17th of July 1991, Argentina and Brazil faced each other in the Copa América of that year which was celebrated in Chile. The Argentinians defeated their South American rivals for a final score of 3-2. The http://1xbet.ug/live/ website is available for making live wagers whenever those two excellent teams play against each other.

The goals were scored by:

  • Darío Franco;
  • Gabriel Batistuta;
  • Branco;
  • and João Paulo.

Yet, there was another situation that happened during that match. Brazilian striker Careca III entered the field during the second half. His first action after going into the field was going to Ruggeri, who was one of Argentina’s best defenders at the time. Then, Careca punched him on his face in a seemingly unprovoked manner. This also meant a red card for the Brazilian. The 1xBet betting platform can also be used when wanting to wager on red cards.

Ruggeri suffered a broken nose, but he was able to continue playing the match. Yet, he promised to take revenge whenever possible.

Crossing paths in Mexico

A seemingly incredible coincidence took place two years later. In 1993 Ruggeri joined Mexican team América. On the other hand, Careca had just joined Monterrey, also from Mexico. You can go and get the 1xBet app download latest version now, which also can be used to wager on Mexican football matches.

It turns out that prior to a match between those teams, América’s coach told Ruggeri that he needed to stop Careca’s attacks. The Argentinian was shocked. He asked if it was the same Careca that broke his nose two years before, and the answer was yes.

It is said that when both teams entered the field, Ruggeri followed Monterrey’s players. He approached the Brazilian and told him basically how glad he was that they finally crossed paths again. You can download the latest version of the 1xBet app now, and make use of it on Mexican football matches.

Maybe Careca really felt intimidated. By the 20th minute of the match he requested to be substituted due to an alleged injury. Yet, Ruggeri is convinced that he did so only because he wanted to avoid his wrath.


1XBET is regulated by the Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board. Betting is addictive and can be psychologically harmful

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