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3 Things You Should Never Disclose At The Workplace


We spend an average of 8 hours at the workplace, and this gives a lot of room to have a chat with your colleagues well, form friendships and alliances. In this spirit, you might be tempted to lay your soul bare to everyone at the office, but do not be fooled, there are details about you that are better left in a closed box.

1. Your Salary
What you are being paid at work is confidential information between you and your employer. You signed a contract with your boss, probably in the presence of the HR, but definitely not in the presence of your colleagues. There is a reason why. What if, say, you discuss salaries with fellow employees and they realize you are paid way more than they are, yet you are at the same level, or worse, you realize you are the least paid employee in that organization? What happens next? Keep your salary information to yourself.

2. Your Political Affiliation
People have lost families, friends, jobs, homes, because of their political affiliations. It might look very innocent to discuss politics at the office, but this is probably because you don’t know how much politics and religion rules this world. Keep your passionate political views to yourself, it will save you a lot.

3. Sex Life
One, because no one really cares. Unless someone has expressed interest in you sexually, and you feel information on your sex life might add value to the conversation, just keep your mouth shut. Don’t start unnecessary fires.
All information that is personal to you, including your family, should be kept off the workplace. Even when the conversation gets hot and you are tempted to disclose personal secrets, stop yourself right there.

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