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5 Best Faxing Apps for Mac


5 Best Faxing Apps for Mac

Freelancers and entrepreneurs are switching from expensive fax machines to online faxing apps. These apps enable them to send out faxes from their smartphones, Windows and Mac computer.

Companies can’t abandon faxing entirely because they find it reliable to share their official documents. They can use faxing apps of online fax services.

Google Fax Free for Mac 

GoogleFaxFree plays a vital role in managing fax communications. Feel free to check this guide to send fax from mac. If you want to fax Google documents, you will need the best faxing apps for Mac. Here are some great options to make your life easy.

  1. CocoFax Mac App (Recommended Service)

CocoFax provides you with a variety of options to send faxes through a Mac machine. You will need a CocoFax account and an internet connection. Remember, companies trust fax communication for their essential documents; therefore, a mediocre fax service can’t be the right choice.

In the list of reliable & free online fax services, CocoFax successfully secures its position on the top. They have a satisfied user base from different parts of the world. If you want to send and receive faxes without any error, CocoFax can be the best choice.

5 Best Faxing Apps for Mac
5 Best Faxing Apps for Mac

They offer HIPAA compliant faxing technology to protect your sensitive data. Moreover, their secure and encrypted service can keep your documents away from cybercriminals.

Free Trial Period

Once you sign up with CocoFax, you will get a free trial period and a free fax number. Now you can use these services for 30 days without paying even a single penny. Within this time frame, you are allowed to cancel your subscription.

Methods to Fax from Mac

5 Best Faxing Apps for Mac
5 Best Faxing Apps for Mac

You can download an app on your Mac machine or use your web browser. It is possible to fax through an email client. CocoFax features on TechRadar, PCMag, Android Authority, etc. Check the official website of CocoFax if you want to learn more about this secure and fast brand.

  1. RingCentral (Good Service)

It is another trustable online fax service in the market. If you want to send several faxes each month within your domestic boundaries, you can trust RingCentral. For international faxing, it may not work well. You may find it expensive for international faxing.

They offer a flexible price plan and numerous options. Feel free to choose a suitable package within your budget to send 500 to 2500 faxes per month. A special package is available to send unlimited faxes.

You can download its Mac app to send faxes from a Mac machine. It enables you to send hundreds of faxes without any trouble. Feel free to manage your contacts with this app or assimilate it with other clients, such as Outlook.

  1. FaxDocument

FaxDocument is an efficient mean of faxing essential documents to different countries. You can download its special application for your Mac. This app supports almost 39 countries in the world.

Unlike other services, this app enables you to purchase a suitable package for your fax communication. There is no need to buy a monthly package if you don’t need it. You are free to buy a package of 25 or 50 faxes for $ 19.99 and $ 29.99 respectively.

  1. iFax

With this online fax service, you can send faxes in 17 countries in the world. Faxing between these countries is affordable because of no surcharge. This fax service is designed with a user-friendly and simple interface. You can send a fax like an email with some taps.

Download its mac app and start sending faxes from your Mac computer. There is a problem that it offers a free trial period of 7 days only. Its competitors are offering a 30-day trial period.

  1. FaxFresh

For Mac, FaxFresh is a suitable faxing service. It is straightforward to use this online fax service. Download a free fax app for Mac, upload your PDF document and enter the fax number of the recipient along with a country code.

Make payment via an online portal and send fax immediately. You will receive a confirmation message about the delivery of this fax. If you don’t want a fax service daily, it can be a suitable choice for you. It is available in almost 100 regions, such as the US, Australia, Japan and Europe.


In brief, it is important to conclude that the latest technology has something special for businesses and freelancers when it comes to online fax services. They can get a free fax number to send and receive their local and international faxes. Having said that, special apps are available to fax with Mac.

Among five best fax apps for Mac devices, CocoFax is a highly recommended service. It is trustworthy for both domestic and international faxing. For your occasional faxing needs, FaxFresh is a suitable name. Domestic faxing can be managed with RingCentral without affecting your budget.

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