5 reasons why you are still single


    Everybody wants to be loved. Love is a good feeling and when in true love it is the best feeling ever.

    Here are reasons you’re still single if you would like to be in a relationship, I can tell you without having ever met you that you’re a beautiful mermaid who any person would be lucky to lock down.

    The reasons why you are still single is may you play soo much hard to get. Your ego is up there and you feel like you deserve better.

    While you’re waiting for your perfect person to come around, you can work on any of the following issues that you might have in your life and find ways to love yourself on a whole new level.

    Here are a few reasons why you are single:

    1.Your Circle is too small.

    Everywhere you go and everything you do involves the same people.

    The clubs you visit, the markets you go shopping at, the Matatu you board are the same and you can’t or wouldn’t (or already have) date any people you meet there. That can be a real problem.

    You need to meet new people and go to new places from time to time. You’d be surprised how much making just one new friend can open up a whole new world.

    And maybe that new world is where your true love is waiting for you.

    2.You have goals all the time.

    you would possibly be a place wherever you’ll re-think your priorities and create longer for relationships.

    However, if you are not, you may be at some purpose and that is wholly OK, as a result, you end up losing a chance to mingle and interact with people who ca be potential partners.

    3.Your Confidence isn’t that good.

    Confidence and self-esteem go hand in hand, when you are overly confidence you end up believing in yourself and meeting people who are interested in you is simple.

    People can tell when you are confident and when you are not.

    The more confident you are the more likely you are to get a good person who will suit you and be with.

    4.You hit on people who are not ‘dateable’.

    Do you crush or hit on people who are not dateable?Married people, people in relationships?

    The problem may be that you find them attractive.

    Take a good hard look at the people you crush on and see if it’s less that you have real feelings and more of a defense mechanism to protect you from getting into something serious.

    Fear can play all kinds of tricks on the heart.

    5.You feel it’s not your time yet.

    You always feel it’s not yet time for you to start dating.

    That you have been too much heartbroken and that you need a break from dating life.Maybe you are denying yourself a chance to get someone better, it’s always

    Maybe you are denying yourself a chance to get someone better, it’s always right time, no time is a bad time, look out there and you may just maybe get the right person.

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