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5 reasons why you should visit Krakow


While thinking about going for a short vacay you may be more likely to think about different spots than Poland, but you should consider it. For years Poland was not a popular destination for a city breaks, short and long trips. Now this trend is slightly changing, and it is good because this eastern country is definitely worth visiting.

Below you have five reasons why you should start your adventure with Poland from Krakow – former capital and one of the most beautiful cities which attracts tourist from all over the world. These five reasons are just a beginning and surely you will find dozens of reasons more while travelling to Krakow. If you decide to start your trip now this article will be helpful and if you want to read about more thing to do in Krakow and see if there are some events during your stay I recommend doing some more research by clicking here – krakow.wiki.

Krakow Airport

Before getting to the reasons why you should visit Krakow you should know that getting to Krakow is super easy. Planes from whole England fly here almost every day all year round. So, whenever you are planning your trip you will get here you will get here without any obstacles. Flights are very cheap so even limited budget is not an obstacle, but we will talk about money bit later.

So, if you already pick your flight you should think how you will get from the airport to the city center because obviously Krakow’s airport is in the suburbs. Here you have few options: you can go by:

Alternative airport

You can also buy tickets to Katowice (Pyrzowice) which are around 100 km away from Kraków. From this airport you can also get to Kraków by train but train station is located far away from the airport so I would recommend choosing private transport from Katowice airport to Krakow city center.

  1. Great starting point

Krakow has many charming streets, beautiful architecture, many museums and dozens of places that you will want to see. If you have more time, or you have seen in Krakow everything (impossible I think) you can treat Krakow as starting point for other places in Lesser region.


Lesser region in Poland known as Małopolska is a voivodeship in southern Poland with Krakow as its capital. The province is bounded on the north by Świętokrzyskie Mountains, on the west by Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska and on the south by Tatra, Pieniny and Beskidy Mountains. More or less in 2 and half hour you will get everywhere in Lesser region and you have a lot to see here.

If you are a mountain-lover, you just have to choose one of the mountain regions. Tatra mountain are the highest in Poland and has many routes of various lengths and difficulties. One of the most famous trail is route to Morskie Oko, which is the largest lake in Tatra Mountains. Trail to Morskie Oko is really easy and it takes around 2:30h to get there. The highest peak in Poland is Rysy. You can get there going to Morskie Oko, then Czarny Staw, Bula pod Rysami and finally Rysy. You have to remember that this trail is long and difficult – getting there takes around 12 hours.

  1. It’s cheap

Krakow offers amazing value for money and let’s say it – it’s cheap. Unlike most European Union countries, Poland has its own currency – Polish zloty. All prices in pubs and restaurants are given in zloty so it is best idea to have their currency especially when you want to avoid unfavorable currency conversion.

Of course, this how much you spend depends only on you but here you have some prices:

  • Meal in a restaurant: 5-9 GBP
  • Beer in a bar: 2 GBP
  • Coffee: 2 GBP
  • Water in a restaurant: 0,8 GBP
  • Cigarettes: 3,50 GBP
  • Glass of wine: 2,50 GBP

So, if you go to the restaurant for a meal for 2 with a beer and glass of wine you will spend around 25 GBP. Going for a coffee and a piece of cake will cost you 8 GBP. Taxi driver will get you to your hotel or apartment for maximum 4,50 GBP (depends on how far away from city center you are staying) and when you want to travel by public transport one-way ticket is 0,80 GBP.

Besides Krakow has a large hotel base so you can choose whatever suits you best.

  1. Night life

City that never sleeps – that’s how you can describe Krakow. You will find here all kinds of nightlife entertainment – clubs, bars, pubs, lots of people and great atmosphere. During the day the Old Town attracts dozens of tourists admiring one of the most beautiful markets in Europe, and after dark people head here for a party. If you want to see how night life in Krakow looks like head to the Old Town – specially to Floriańska or Szewska street.

  1. Great food

Lots of restaurants from all over the world make everyone find something for themselves. Of course, I would recommend trying traditional Polish food such as pierogi or schabowy but you also absolutely have to try is Zapiekanka – toasted sandwich with cheese, toppings and some sauce on top – casual Polish street food. You will see different spots with zapiekanki but go to Kazimierz district to eat famous zapiekanki on Plac Nowy. Also try something in one of Milk bars in Krakow which were very popular during communism. You can get there traditional Polish dishes in low prices.

For a dessert you can choose one of the ice cream shops called Good Lood. Their ice creams are made with natural ingredients, and scoops are huge. On the Main Square you can go to Sweet Wentzl which is very famous bakery in Krakow.

  1. Architecture

Architecture in Krakow is absolutely stunning, and I would say that each district is different, but the whole city is still very consistent. Main Square is absolutely beautiful and St Mary’s Church makes an amazing impression both inside and outside. In the former Jewish district – Kazimierz you can definitely feel the atmosphere of the old days and feel like you are in completely different city. The most famous castle in Poland – Wawel Royal Castle makes a big impression and gives you the opportunity to see the real royal chambers.

If you still wonder if it’s worth it – it is! Krakow is here waiting for you to explore it. Beautiful architecture, nightlife, great food and lots of attractions will make you spend unforgettable time here.  If you want to learn something more before your trip I would recommend look for some valuable information here https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Kraków.


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