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7 Cheap Flights from Nairobi to Dubai


Looking for a cheap flight from Nairobi to Dubai?

Below is a list of 7 cheap flights that can conveniently and cheaply get you to Dubai:

Cheap Return Flight Dubai/Nairobi

Carrier/Airline Ticket Price (Round Trip)
Ethiopian Airlines From Ksh. 34,000
Air Arabia From Ksh. 28,200
Kenya Airways From Ksh. 34,000
Saudi Arabian Airlines From Ksh. 35,800
Qatar Airways From Ksh. 29,000
Etihad From Ksh. 30,000
Rwandair Express From Ksh. 30,000

How do I find cheap flights?

Ever booked a flight for a lot of money only to discover that some of your friends have booked flights to the same destination at a couple of thousands less? That must have hurt.  Like a lot.

It can especially be infuriating knowing that you could have saved several thousands of shillings or used them to buy something you eyed but could not afford.

If you are traveling to Dubai from Nairobi, you need to compare the various Nairobi-Dubai fare packages in order to make an informed decision.

Booking early can help you save some bucks.

Check your Kenya Airways flight schedule from Dubai to Nairobi or your carrier of choice.

Prices tend to rise and fall; hence, it is important to book while the prices are low.

You can even book one to two months before the actual trip.

Although this is a risk since a change of mind means that you will incur a steep change fee, it’s one worth taking. However, do not book too early.

Flexibility in terms of travel dates and time can save you some money.

This is for people who are not very picky or those whose schedule can allow for flexibility.

Consider the Nairobi to Dubai flight time for various carriers and opt for the one whose fares are low.

If you are also hoping to find a cheap return flight from Dubai to Nairobi, you can also take advantage of your flexibility.


Look out for offers. You can sign up for mailing lists or newsletters so that you can get timely notifications.

It is important to note that other people are also looking out for cheap flights; hence, you should book within the nearest time.

For example, if Ethiopia Airlines flights from Nairobi to Dubai are offering cheap flights, take advantage by booking immediately if your schedule allows for flexibility.

In case you change your mind, most carriers allow you to cancel a flight within 24 hours and will refund your money.

Flyer programs and points can win you free flights.

Airlines tend to reward their customers by offering free flights, lounge access, travel class upgrades, among other incentives.

If you constantly travel from Nairobi to Dubai with Kenya Airways you can enroll in the Flying Blue program to enjoy free flights and other incentives by redeeming accumulated points.

You can also follow a select group of individuals and businesses that focus on flight deals.

Some of these sites contain valuable information that could save you several thousands of shillings.

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