5 signs your boyfriend is taking you for granted.


    So you meet this prince charming and you are all lovey-dovey and want to spend all the time with him.

    Before you know it, you’re texting nonstop, hanging out several times a week and having amazing sex. He almost seems too good to be true.

    He is the perfect example of a cool guy, absolutely amazing and the thought of you spending time with him excited you.

    So do you know the guy?

    Here are 5 signs he is taking you for a ride.

    1.He wants you and him to be alone and no one is watching

    He is always happy when you are just alone, show you mattress?

    If most of your so-called dates start and end in the bedroom, you may want to rethink his motive.

    If he shows you off to his friends and makes you feel proud you should drop him asap.

    2.His time is the convenient time

    Who’s in control here anyway?

    Do you make plans with him?

    Does he just drop you a text when he needs a quickie?

    I hate to break this to you, but you could be just there to fulfill his sexual needs on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

    3. He doesn’t communicate much

    With modern technology, it is easier nowadays to communicate in a relationship.

    The fact that he is not talking or texting is a proof he is not thinking about you.he can simply send you a few messages throughout the day.

    Typing “Hey, how are you?”, “Thinking about you” or any other BS text takes less than ten seconds, but it will keep him in the game.

    4. He is secretive and mysterious.

    Your man is so secretive, his phone is full of passwords and he doesn’t want you to touch his phone.

    He goes to the bathroom with his phone and he would rather be killed than you having his phone.

    He doesn’t want you to handle his stuff and he always put his stuff under key and lock.

    5. He has never introduced you to his parents.

    He has never introduced you to his parents and is not planning to do so in the near future.

    You barely know half of his family and when you enquire about them.

    The  fact that he doenst want to introduce you to his family means  he is not serious about you.

    If he doesn’t   want you to meet your parents he probably ain’t serious about the relationship.

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