According To Kenyan Laws, These are The Only Persons Entitled To a Diplomatic Passport


    ezekiel-mutuaA diplomatic passport is quite coveted within government circles. Some time back, MPs tried unsuccessfully to have themselves included in the list of those entitled to one.

    Some of the benefits of a diplomatic passport are:

    • Easier Visa restrictions
    • Access to diplomatic lounges at many airports
    • Free visas to many countries
    • Travel upgrades on airlines and hotels
    • It is an instant ‘door opener’ in business or government environments
    • and of course, the prestige in both social and professional circles.

    When Ezekiel Mutua got his revoked after flaunting it on Facebook, people started asking questions on just how many of these diplomatic passports are in the wrong hands.

    The KFCB boss got his while working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but continued renewing it even after he left.

    It turns out the laws of Kenya are very clear on who can have a diplomatic passport.

    Here’s the full list of persons entitled to a diplomatic passport:


    1. President and immediate family members
    2. Prime Minister and immediate family members
    3. Vice President/Deputy president and immediate family members
    4. Cabinet Secretary and spouse(s)
    5. Secretary to the Cabinet and spouse(s)
    6. Principal Secretaries and spouse(s)
    7. Speakers of National Assembly and the Senate and spouse(s)
    8. Chief Justice and spouse(s)
    9. Deputy Chief Justice and spouse(s)
    10. Justices of Supreme Court and spouse(s)
    11. Justices of Court of Appeal and spouse(s)
    12. Attorney General and spouse(s)
    13. Director of Public Prosecutions and spouse(s)
    14. Solicitor General and spouse(s)
    15. Controller of Budget and spouse(s)
    16. Auditor General and spouse(s)
    17. Governor of the Central Bank and spouse(s)
    18. Clerk of the National Assembly and spouse(s)
    19. Chief of the Kenya Defence Forces and spouse(s)
    20. Service Commanders of the Kenya Defence Forces and spouse(s)
    21. Director-General of the National Intelligence Service and spouse(s)
    22. Inspector General of the National Police Service and spouse(s)
    23. County Governor and spouse(s)
    24. Aide-De-Camp to the President
    25. Former Presidents and spouse(s)
    26. Former Prime Minister and spouse(s)
    27. Former Vice Presidents and spouse(s)
    28. Foreign Service Officer, spouse and dependant children below the age of 19 years

    Source: Nairobi Wire