Act of Kindness: Agriculture CS Willy Bett Offers His Ministerial Car To Transport Accident Victim to Hospital

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Willy Bett, the Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, has been applauded for his act of kindness.

On Monday, the CS was on his way to a meeting with the Cuban Ambassador, when he encountered a scene of an accident at the University Way roundabout.

Instead of driving past the scene like most Kenyans would, the CS ordered his driver to stop and help the lady victim who had been hit by a motorcycle.

His security men helped her into the ministerial car complete with a flag, and took her to Kenyatta National Hospital. The CS in the meantime proceeded to his meeting in the security car accompanying him, short four men.

Boniface Walunywa, who works for the CS posted on Facebook:

My boss, Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture Livestock Fisheries and Blue Economy, Willy Bett, never ceases to amaze me with his magnanimity, kindness and consideration for others.

Here he gives up his official ministerial car to transport a motorcycle accident victim to hospital. He proceeded to the office where he had a scheduled meeting with the Cuban ambassador in the security car. The lady victim was hit by a motorcycle while crossing the road at the University of Nairobi roundabout.

I am proud to work for CS Willy Bett. A true man of the people.


Source: Nairobi Wire