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All you need to know about King Kaka

All you need to know about King Kaka
All you need to know about King Kaka

All you need to know about King Kaka

A few Kenyan artists attain global fame and King Kaka is among those shining beacons to represent African music to the world. His birth name is Kennedy Ombima and is often known by his other alias, Rabbit. He was born on 7 May 1987 and is a citizen in Nairobi, Kenya, belonging to the Luo Tribe.

King Kaka is a Kenyan rapper for the Kaka Empire record label along with other artists. He mostly works on singles and frequently forms collaborations with both international and local artists. King Kaka’s albums are mostly multilingual with some tracks sung in English but most are in Kenyan. He has over 30,500 followers on Spotify as of February 2022 with at least 15,000 average monthly followers.

Hot rap career under Kaka Empire

Kennedy Ombima has continued to rap under the alias Rabbit for the early days of his career. He rebranded to King Kaka in the early 2000s and began to record more tracks than ever. His goal is to set a strong brand recognition in Kenya through media presence and products. Soon, he gained a solid platform to be considered one of the country’s strongest influencers.

The Kaka Empire record label was founded by King Kaka himself as a way to strengthen his brand along with adopting sharp suits and designer clothes. Although it was established to fulfill his childhood dreams, it paved the way for other artists to help achieve their own goal of superstardom. With Kaka Empire and talented artists under his wing, King Kaka and Sportsbet.io have teamed up to bolster their global influence.

Kaka Empire is regarded as the best artist management label in Kenya as of 2022. It has many of Kenya’s top talents like Timmy TDat, Phy, Avril, and Dj Leqs. King Kaka is considered the leader of the group on account of being the label’s founder and having the largest number of records. He is mostly known for his smooth-spoken words and hip hop-infused poetry-styled verses.

King Kaka’s greatest hits

As with most hip hop lyricists, King Kaka mostly sings about his personal experiences. The topics he covers range from struggles in love, in family, and in society. However, he writes them in a soft tone that can resonate with peoples’ subconscious rather than evoking anger that Western artists are known for.

Among his most successful albums is Tales of Kaka Sungura (2008). It has 17 tracks and he took a year to complete shooting for music videos. This album was one of his strongest projects as it was dedicated to setting the foundation for who he will become as a hip hop musician. Many more tracks followed with one of his greatest hits being Dundaing, a collaboration with Kristoff.

King Kaka partnership with Sportsbet.io as global ambassador

Aside from being an award-winning recording artist, King Kaka is also an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He has started strategic ventures throughout his career with a goal to bolster the brand and help the community. The idea to strengthen his brand is always to further promote his ventures in return which creates a self-sustaining business. In turn, it creates long-term support for the community that he seeks to help.

King Kaka and Sportsbet.io have teamed up in January 2022. Sportsbet.io is a crypto-focused sports betting site that is available in most countries in the world. It covers thousands of markets and events from various sports from regional sporting events to big premier matches.

King Kaka is a firm believer of how blockchain-based finance will ultimately improve the quality of life in the world. He states that he values innovation through following one’s own path and he saw that trait in Sportsbet.io as the leader of the crypto-betting industry.

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