“Am Done!” Angry Jeff Koinange Boycotts Jeff Koinange Live

4 years ago

On Wednesday night, Jeff Koinange Hosted IEBC Chairman Issack Hassan.

At around the same time, the Twitter hashtag #BoycottJKL was trending.

Basically, a section of Kenyans on Twitter was angry with Jeff Koinange’s perceived preference for Pro-Jubilee guests. They also claimed that he is being used to ‘white-wash’ corruption.

But who is Jeff Koinange?

The celebrated journalist used the supposedly negative hashtag as the show’s Wednesday night hashtag. #BoycottJKL.

Eventually, the negative tweets were overshadowed by those using the hashtag to comment on Issack Hassan’s interview.

Towards the end, Jeff also ‘boycotted’ Jeff Koinange Live.



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