Another Monster House Girl Caught on VIDEO Abusing Child in Nairobi


    Another video has surfaced on social media showing a house girl abusing a child in one of Nairobi’s estate.

    According to Robert Alai, the child’s parent got suspicious and told a house girl from a neighbor’s house to record the video. The video starts with the child crying as the house girl slaps her repeatedly.

    The person recording the video is clearly acquainted with the house girl as his/her presence is allowed to continue.

    The house girl clearly sees nothing wrong with what she was doing, as she continues to hit the child even with the camera rolling.

    The girl takes every opportunity to hit the little child, especially when she refuses to take in the food.

    At some point, the child, whom the house girl refers to as Nyambura, stops crying after the slaps, perhaps pointing to how ‘hardened’ she has become.

    Source: Nairobi Wire