Babz, Kenyan Artiste Who Uses his Music to Send a Beautiful Message to People Regarding Terrorism


    Meet 29-year-old Antony Kasamani, AKA Babz, who uses his music to send a beautiful message to Kenyans regarding terrorism. He sat down with Lovine Mboya to share his insights in music, fight against terrorism and a piece of advice to Kenyan youths on how to use their talents to make a better living. 

    Lovine: When Did You Venture Into Music?

    Babz: My love for music began in primary school, I was very active in school choirs and traditional dances, this continued in secondary school.

    Lovine: What’s the inspiration behind Sitavumilia Ugaidi Kenya?

    Babz: I wanted Kenyans to join hands, to unite and be on the forefront in fighting terrorism. Together we can make Kenya a better place, so that trade and tourism continue to flourish. We are beautiful people and we only need to unite to achieve our vision.

    Lovine: When did you release Sitavumilia Ugaidi Kenya

    Babz: Sitavumilia Ugaidi Kenya was released last year, August, a few months just after gunmen stormed Garissa University college, killing over 140 people.

    It was a trying moment for us Kenyans, we lost too many people to terrorism. But we came out even stronger. Terrorism is not something I would wish on any country. This should never happen again.

    Antony Kasamani, AKA Babz, who uses his music to send a beautiful message to Kenyans regarding terrorism.

    Through this music, I wanted to send a message of encouragement to and inspiration to our soldiers for the work they are doing to make sure we are protected both inside and outside our borders.

    I wanted to pass the message to their families too. The song was also a dedication to all who have lost their loved ones because of terrorism.

    All will be well, and to our soldiers, take heart, blessings shall be showered upon you for the immense sacrifice you make on our behalf.

    Lovine: Was this your first song?

    Babz: Yes, this was the first song to release. I am grateful for the gift of music, and for the fact that I can use it to spread the message of peace and unity to Kenyans.

    Lovine: Who did you work with on the song?

    Babz: I worked with Baraka Jonas AKA Babu Baraka on the guitars, producer Sam BabuChege of Mwauras Recording Studios, and JD Films did the video, directed by Jijo Drumbeats.

    Lovine: Under what genre would you classify your music?

    Babz: I would say my music is Rhumba, though I choose to sing in Kiswahili. Kiswahili is our national language, and more people identify with it.

    Lovine: Tell us a little bit about you, as an individual now, away from the music

    Babz: I was born in 1987, in Kakamega County, specifically Butere. I went to Ibokolo primary, and later in 2003 joined Ibokolo secondary school. After high

    After high school, I worked casual jobs since my family was not able to afford required college fees. In this period, I realized I could actually work on my talent, so I signed up with Shalom Music Academy in Nakuru, this was in 2002.

    At Shalom, I learned how to play the piano, and made friends who supported my dream. I give thanks, today to my friends and fans for accepting the work I do.

    I write the lyrics to my songs myself because I prefer music that comes from a point of inspiration.

     Lovine: What Do You Hope To Achieve With Your Music

    Babz: I want to take Kenyan gospel music to a whole new level. Music with a real message, that uplifts and inspires.

    Lovine: Are you currently working on another song?

    Babz: I am now working on my second song called Wivu. In this one, I send a message to those people who feel angered when another person is blessed by God.

    Some even go ahead to kill because of jealousy, and then we will say it is God’s plans. It is up to us to decide when people should die when you kill, you take that decision into your hands, instead of letting God decide.

    The audio will be out by October this year.

    Lovine: What would you say to the youths of Kenya?

    Babz: My message to the youth is that talent pays. It is high time you begin using what God gave you rather than sitting idle all day waiting for a white collar job.

    The youths should also shun unprofitable criminal behaviors, just be yourself, and bank on your talent even as you wait for that job you desire

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    7 years ago

    Good job brother

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    Good work brother