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Best Internet Service Providers in Kenya


Is your Internet Service Provider (ISP) fast, reliable and reasonably priced?

If you are reading this, it means that you consume data but the question is ‘is your data fast, reliable, and affordable?’

Today, we eat, breathe, and sleep the internet.

Our elders may never get it: most wish we could go back to the good old days when people had ample face-to-face time but since that’s not happening; it helps to know the best ISP in Kenya.

Below is a list of the best and most subscribed ISPs in Kenya:


Zuku is perhaps one of the most popular ISP in Kenya.

It is a brand under the Wananchi Group and it provides both internet and pay-tv services. Zuku internet Kenya offers both home and residential packages.

This brand offers internet services with speeds of between 4Mbps and 60Mbps with prices ranging from Ksh. 2,000 and Ksh. 15,000.

The services are A-Okay, speeds acceptable and connection reliability. It is one of the companies offering cheap internet in Kenya.


Faiba is a brand under Jamii Telecommunications.

The stunts and antics displayed by the animated characters in their adverts, in part, made this brand popular.

Their packages are definitely not for the average Kenyan owing to the above average pricing.

Three types of package are offered: Faiba Home, Faiba Business, and Faiba Konnect.

The speeds range from between 5Mbps and 50Mbps and are subscribed from between Ksh. 5,000 and Ksh. 150,000.

Faiba internet services are definitely awesome in terms of speed and reliability.


Safaricom is one of Kenya’s best ISP.

It has been providing its users with daily, weekly and monthly plans from as low as Ksh. 5 and as high as Ksh. 3000.

The lowest data plan is 7MB while the highest is 12GB.

Recently, the giant telecoms introduced a 4G network. Safaricom promised faster internet speeds with the 4G network and it has definitely delivered.

You can also enjoy Safaricom’s internet services using a modem.

These data plans give you the option to sambaza internet to your loved ones, okoa bundles where you actually get bundles on credit and buy data bundles via M-Pesa.

One of the advantages of Safaricom is that its signal is strong in many parts of the country; hence, you can enjoy connectivity from numerous locations.


Airtel is perhaps the second largest telecoms company in Kenya in terms of subscriptions. This ISP offers awesome packages at reasonable prices.

With as little as Ksh 20, you can enjoy 20MB data, 20 free SMSs, 4 minutes of Airtel to Airtel talk time, and 4 minutes of calls to other networks.

In addition, you can access free Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter.

This is a great data plan but the problem is that Airtel network is a bit weak in some parts especially in rural areas.

You can also subscribe to a 55GB 90-day data plan for Ksh. 7,000 or the Milele data plan that does not have an expiry date.

This ISP allows you to use a modem, kopa, sambaza, and check your bundle balance.

It is an okay ISP if you are operating from an area with great Airtel network. If not, I suggest you consider other options.

Access Kenya

This company offers solutions to corporate customers.

It offers connection via cable and wireless platform. This ISP is a better option for big businesses and most recently residential homes.

The company had exited the home internet market in 2014 but it has returned.

The household internet services are offered under the brand name ‘Surf’ with the cheapest package costing Ksh. 999 per month for 5Mbps.

You can also get 10Mbps at Ksh. 1,999 and 20Mbps at Ksh. 3,999. Users can opt for a daily, weekly, monthly, or 90 plan.

The company also offers pay-as-you-go internet services in the CBD and areas around Eastlands thanks to hotspots created across these two areas.

Users can buy a daily plan of 100MB at Ksh. 20, 500MB weekly plan at Ksh. 100, and 3GB monthly plan at Ksh. 500. Payments are made via M-Pesa.

Access Kenya internet charges are reasonable when compared to those of most IPSs.

Orange Kenya

This ISP used to offer orange unlimited internet but this plan was scrapped off.

Nevertheless, you can still get connected via an Orange Kenya Wi-Fi router allowing you to access wireless connection or a modem.

Currently, Orange offers daily, weekly, monthly and 90-day data plans.

At Ksh. 50 you get a daily plan of 400MB, 2GB weekly plan at Ksh. 249, and 6GB monthly at Ksh. 990.

Modem offers are a 15GB monthly package at Ksh. 990 and 30GB weekly bundle at Ksh. 2,990. Orange Kenya internet signal is, however, a bit week in some parts of the country.

Wi-Fi prices in Kenya are okay as different companies offer various packages.

You can enjoy cheap internet in Kenya since some ISPs like Airtel and Safaricom offer pocket-friendly packages.

You can as well enjoy high-speed internet in Kenyaat a higher price of course.

In addition to the above ISPs, others are Liquid Telecom (formerly Kenya Data Networks) and Hai Internet Kenya.

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