3 Best Mobile Spy Apps Every Smartphone User Must Know


     Mobile spy apps are perhaps among the best smartphone features. 

    Spying is an age old phenomenon used by military and intelligence agencies to protect the territorial boundaries of a country.

    Today, it is used by business and household sectors to safeguard personal interests of the users.

    The mass proliferation of tech gadgets has increased the global demand of spying, thus causing spy apps to develop.

    Now you don’t have to act like James Bond and use hi-tech gadgets or don a disguise to solve a mystery.

    With the inception of smartphones, new technology is piped into them causing web developers to create spying apps.

    There are a plethora of monitoring apps in the market that has been introduced in Kenya so that users including zealous bosses, jealous spouses or concerned parents can facilitate themselves with these apps.

    We have curated for you 3 best mobile spying apps that are currently dominating the monitoring spectrum.

    There is a huge global appetite for these apps so here is a brief review of these apps to help you make an informed purchase decision about them.

    1. Mspy

    Founded in 2011, Mspy is among the best mobile spy apps with over a million users worldwide.

    It is easy to use and allows remote tracking of the target activities.

    It is an all-in-one app that is designed for both personal and professional use.

    Mspy offers an impressive array of features with unmatched quality.

    It provides immediate tracking results, thanks to the simplistic control panel.

    Though it offers ubiquitous monitoring features like reading texts and chats, location tracking, viewing call logs, and email correspondence, there are a few factors that make it a distinguished app.

    It offers a keylogger that enables the user to determine all the passcodes contained in the phone.

    It also provides a restriction on specific incoming calls, without letting the target know about it.

    Apart from these features, Mspy has multiple subscription packages and with a single account, you can monitor various devices, a facility not offered by any other spy app.

    It is also compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

    In spite of the fact that Mspy is the best monitoring solution for all, it is quite expensive to use. the basic package is cheap but it offers only a limited number of spying features.

    Real-time monitoring may often blow the stealth away.

    2. Xnspy

    One of the best mobile spy apps designed specifically for less savvy people.

    It has a user-friendly interface that enables us to easily navigate the spying features.

    It aims at monitoring and reporting target activities undetectable, so once installed on the target phone, it will quietly run in the background, without causing any interference.

    Xnspy is a handy tool that is a cinch to install. It takes about 3-5minutes for the app to be launched in the target phone, thanks to its simplistic installation process.

    Though it lacks in offering a free trial, the flaw is recompensed due to the availability of Live Demo on its website. Also, it provides an online dashboard that transfers all the target data to the user device in an intuitive style.

    All you have to do is create an online subscription account and download the spy app in the target phone so that you can remotely monitor all their activities.

    You can also toggle the settings in the online console to customize your monitoring plan.

    Being a powerful surveillance software, Xnspy offers state-of-the-art features for diverse uses and opportunities.

    It provides round the clock instant alerts on call logs, text messages, and location to help you determine target involvement in any unauthorized activity.

    Phone call and surrounding recording is another feature of Xnspy not available in many apps. It helps the user listen to phonic conversations and the in-room noise behind the target.

    Furthermore, Xnspy is popular among the people because it offers a good value for money to customers.

    It is currently leading the pricing competition because of its affordability and good customer service.

    However, the app has stringent refund policies which often undermines its usage.

    3. Flexispy

    When it comes to monitoring, no other spy app can do it better than Flexispy as it is an advanced feature-rich monitoring tool.

    The app has been totally revamped to keep pace with the current dynamic trends in spying.

    The app has a modern and interactive user interface and is often said to be a forerunner in call recording feature.

    Flexispy provides hi-tech spying including some unique features not offered by other apps.

    These features include intercepting live phone calls, FaceTime spy cam, sending spoof messages, deleting specific messages, taking pictures using the phone camera, etc.

    All these features work reliably and undetectable, allowing the target phone operations to be seamless. The app is regularly updated to ensure user convenience at spying.

    Since it is too advanced, Flexispy has a complex system of installation. it requires configuration codes in the installation process for user verification.

    Also, installation is a lengthy process and the user might get stuck in the intricacies of its control panel that is difficult to navigate.

    Furthermore, unlike other apps that offer Non-jailbreak programs, to launch Flexispy in the target phone, you have to root or jailbreak the phone.

    Though its pricing has been revised, still Flexispy offers quite expensive subscription rates to the customers.


    All the mobile spy apps mentioned above are highly useful in extracting hidden target information and provide services for invisible usage to allow you to discreetly monitor the target.

    They provide reliable and authentic details in dilemmatic situations.

    Though each of the monitoring is a good choice based on the spying requirements of the user, we’d declare Xnspy as the winner due to its simplistic design, ease of installation, premium features, and budgeted pricing.

    It’s spying services are indeed commendable and it satisfies the user in best possible way.  

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