Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation pledges to Sponsor 2 New Categories at BAKE Awards 2017


    The Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE), the official organizers of the BAKE Awards, has announced that the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation will sponsor two new award categories in the BAKE Awards 2017.

    The two categories are:

    • Women and Girls Empowerment
    • Social Issues and Active Citizenship

    These new categories were added after a joint agreement between the foundation and BAKE. This addition brings the total number of award categories to 23.

    These awards will recognize bloggers who are creating an impact is social and welfare issues.

    Apart from these, the foundation has also pledged to support the public health category which already existed.

    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was founded in 2000 by Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates.

    The primary aims of the foundation are to improve healthcare and reduce extreme poverty globally.

    In America, the foundation seeks to increase educational opportunities and access to information.

    The third trustee, in addition to the Gates’, is the American business magnate Warren Buffett.

    As at 2014, the foundation has an endowment of $44.3 billion.

    As of May 2013, Bill Gates alone is estimated to have donated $28 billion. That just goes to show that Uncle Bill is pretty awesome and generous!

    In addition, this does sound like a noteworthy philanthropic foundation but perhaps the most interesting thing is that the foundation is described as the largest transparently operated private foundations globally.

    Props to the trustees since some foundation use foundation names to embezzle funds.

    The foundation’s collaboration is timely. A generation of young people is coming out to highlight important social issues through various platforms.

    The recognition is timely as the country is in dire need of trend setters in important social issues.

    This will be the 6th BAKE Awards and it good to see the stakeholders taking the right steps to make the award ceremony even better.

    The number of relevant award categories keeps increasing since the ‘Best Lifestyle Blog’ category was also added this year.

    Other than the addition of new categories, BAKE has introduced a new rule such that three-time winners are not eligible to compete in the same category.

    This is fair considering that some bloggers have continued to receive awards each year and this ultimately denies other great bloggers the recognition they deserve.

    Changes in submission dates

    The submission phase started in January 9th and was to end on February 10th before the date was extended by a month. This means that the new deadline for submission is March 10th, 2017.

    The date for the gala event has not changed as the award ceremony is set to be held on May 13 at the Radisson Blu Hotel.

    Props to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for sponsoring award categories that recognize those making valuable contributions to the society.

    We will be on the lookout so that we can keep you in the loop in case anything comes up.

    In the meantime, drop your nominations for bloggers in the Women and Girls Empowerment and Social Issues and Active Citizenship award categories.

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