A new technology Company invents Bluetooth Tampons to track your menstrual flow

4 years ago

Bluetooth Tampons are here.

They are created to empower women through insight and to obliterate the period anxiety that plagues virtually 51 percent of the world at some point in their lives.

But critics argue that women know their own cycle and when to change their tampon.

The Bluetooth Tampons connects to a period tracking monitor via a 6-12 inch long string.

This New technology includes a Bluetooth module inside the tampon.

Howsoever my.Flow found that many users were uncomfortable having a wad of electronics shoved up their Vagina.

So the latest version, developed at an incubator in Beijing, is a tampon with an extra long string that connects to a Bluetooth module on your waist.

My.flow  a Bluetooth Tampons which is expected to retail for $50 for the Bluetooth waistband module and $13 for a month’s supply of tampons.

Traditional tampons usually cost between $9 and $10 a month. The initial version will feature “regular” flow tampons only, but my.flow hopes to partner with tampon manufacturers to produce tampons for any flow.

How does it work?

It connects to a period tracking monitor via a six to 12-inch long string, which is then snapped to your waistband or underwear.

In addition to a connected tampon and monitor, the system includes an accompanying app that tracks your period both granular and monthly when not in use, the monitor can act as a key chain holder.



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