Boniface Mwangi: Tom Cholmondeley Has Finally Realized You Cannot Bribe Death

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delaTom Cholmondeley – the great grandson of Kenya’s most famous colonial settler – the 3rd Lord Delamere, died yesterday at MP Shah Hospital after a hip replacement surgery.

Mr. Cholmondeley died of cardiac arrest at around 2 pm. The aristocrat lived a very controversial life and twice made national headlines for killing locals, first in 2005 and again in 2006.

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“White Man’s Burden”
In 2005, Thomas Cholmondeley, sole heir to the Delamere fortune, one of the country’s largest landowning dynasties, was charged with the murder of Samson ole Sisina. Sisina was a Kenya Wildlife Service ranger on an undercover investigation into illegal trade in game meat at the 48, 000 hectare Delamere ranch. A month later, the case collapsed.

Four short years later, Cholmondeley was back at it again. This time, he shot and killed Robert Njoya, a father of four. Cholmondeley claimed Njoya had been poaching impala at the ranch. During the three years the murder trial took, Cholmondeley was held at Kamiti Maximum Prison which he described in a documentary as “a greasy saucepan infested with rats and cockroaches.” He was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to eight months in jail. The judge who presided over the trial, Justice Muga Apondi, was later sacked by the The Judges and Magistrates Vetting Board.

Ps: These images and the above caption were supposed to be in my coming book but my editors cut them out some weeks ago. Tom Chomondley died today at the age of 48 years. That’s young. Death is an equaliser and a brutal reminder that no matter how wealthy you are, you cannot bribe death. No one will live forever and it’s important we always remember that. Even the people who have looted our country dry, will end up in a 6 by 5 space. Death doesn’t discriminate and comes when you least expect it. Give thanks everyday and let your life impact others positively for as long as you live. Live your life fully and share your blessings with others.

Source: Nairobi Wire