Cabinet Secretary To Sue Raila for Calling Him a Dog


    raoInterior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery has threatened to sue opposition leader Raila Odinga, for making derogatory remarks towards him.

    Nkaissery accuses Raila of calling him ‘a confused dog and a house fly’.

    “Enough is enough,” said Nkaissery while in Maparasha Kajiado County. “I have restrained myself for a long time from responding to Raila’s  attack on my person.”

    Raila is said to have made the remarks a few weeks ago while addressing a rally at ajiloni area of Kajiado County. He urged Nkaissery to quit the government, saying he was been used by a dictatorial regime blocking equality in Kenya.

    “Nkaissery is nothing better than a fly that drops into a cup of milk and fails to swim out,” Raila said.

    It remains to be seen whether Nkaissery will move forward with his threat.

    Source: Nairobi Wire