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Comedian Njugush Refutes Claims he is Getting Married

by jolie

Njugush says most spouses prefer to up and run but not Celestine who stood by Njugush when he didn’t have a penny to his name.

His girlfriend Celestine Ndinda has been with him for 5 years now. During an interview with one of the dailies, Njugush said:

“When we met, I had no bed and was sleeping on a mat night in, night out. I was financially unstable but she insisted on staying. I used to use her meal card because I was broke.

@Njugush says he was so badly broke that he hacked a plan to dump his girlfriend coz he was painfully broke.

He had no penny to his name and had just cleared college.

Njugush and Ndinda: Photo Courtesy

“I remember when I was almost through with college; I was hopeless on getting a job. So I craftily tried to break up with her because I had no future to offer –  But let me tell you, she stuck by me, and kept praying for me. She told me: ‘Once you get a job, you can dump me; but for now, no.’ Funny, right? She is my friend; she is my people.”

A while back, people on social media shared a photo indicating that this couple will be getting married at P.C.E.A Evergreen in Runda on December 16th this year.

The poster even had the hashtag #celestinewedstim but apparently, it was a show which @Njugush and Ndinda are co-starring.

Njugush and Ndinda in a promotional poster for their upcoming show: Photo: Courtesy of Celestine Ndinda

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