Customer is Not Always Right: Nairobi Baker Teachers Annoying Customer a Lesson She’ll Never Forget


    A Nairobi-based baker has written a viral post of how she taught one of her customers a very valuable lesson.

    Hashnunish Sultan on Facebook recounted how after a back and forth with a client for one month, she delivered the cake… or rather the ingredients.

    The unnamed customer changed the design many times throughout the month, but it was the deal breaker was the price.

    She had initially expressed no problem with the price tag, but when told to pay Sh18,000 at the end, she demanded to part with a fraction of that.

    Here’s the full undiluted narration by M. Hashnunish:


    Customer is not always right !
    So this client comes to me a month ago . She had so many samples and ideas . She chose the most difficult of cakes . Every other day she kept changing the design . I told her my price range and she says “Price is not an issue, I just want the best cake ever “. Every other day for one month I was patient with her as she kept changing the design . A whole month of consultation . (Bakers would understand how consultations take so much of our time when we could be doing something else )

    Now up to 10 days before due date she was to pay the deposit. So I reminded her and she asked for the total amount . It came to 18k .she didn’t respond again til 2 days before the due date . She was like wtf ? So she calls me . She says that her budget was 3000 ?? . Hold up ! What the hell just happened . Where was the miscommunication? So I remind her my price list and she starts shouting at me . All this time I’m quiet listening to her .

    Client: “Kwani your cakes are made of gold ? It’s just flour , sugar and eggs . And if you talk about creativity and using your imagination , then that’s free . You didn’t pay for your brain for you to charge us ! ”

    ME: Munching on my chilli peanuts listening keenly

    Client: you are conning people and I will put you on buyers beware for charging an arm and a leg for unga and eggs .

    ME: munch munch munch ( runs to get ice cold coke)

    Client: I demand to get the cake I chose at 3k coz you have wasted my whole month and the birthday is this weekend , and it’s too late to go to another baker . If you don’t give me what I have asked for I will not only put you on buyers beware but I will also call the cops on you .

    Me: ok you will have your cake on time delivered by myslef

    * read in sponge bob narrators voice *

    I went to deliver her cake .

    Client: oooh let me see , let me see

    Me: opens the box

    Client: sees the items below in pic inside the cake box… what the hell is this ?Is this a joke ?

    Photo | Hashnunish Sultan

    Me: Nope. It’s your cake . When cutting it , close your eyes and use your “free creativity and imagination ” to picture the design handed her back her 3k depo and walked back into the car and drove off . Never heard from her again.

    Dear clients , we do our best to make your occasions special . Please stop making our lives miserable !

    Source: Nairobi Wire