Dangerous Tower: Why NSSF Has Halted Construction of ‘Nairobi’s Tallest Skyscraper’

4 years ago

The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) has halted plans to build one of Africa’s tallest towers.

Hazina Tower, the building that houses Nakumatt Lifestyle, has been in the process of being transformed into a 39-floor skyscraper.

Upon completion, it would have been Kenya’s tallest tower and Africa’s third tallest awaiting the completion of several towers also under construction.

According to the Business Daily, NSSF has halted the construction after fears that the building’s beams are not structurally sound to support a skyscraper of that magnitude. Apparently, anything above 25 floors would have been catastrophic.

“We have our full board meeting on October 24 where we will discuss the report from the ministry and decide the way forward,” NSSF chairman Gideon Ndambuki told the Public Investments Committee (PIC).

Chinese construction company China Jiangxi has been on site and has already added several floor. The construction has however been slow with speculation that it had stalled.

Some parts of the tower had reportedly started developing cracks.

Source: Nairobi Wire




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