Diamond Platnumz mum’s message to Wema Sepetu that has everyone is talking about


    Diamond Platnumz’s mother Sanura Sandra Kassim was asked if she approved of Zari Hassan or Wema Sepetu.

    This has been the question which has sparked persistent debates over a period of time with quotes claiming that Ms. Kassim prefers Wema Sepetu to Zari Hassan.

    In the African tradition, a mother has a say on whom his son would marry is considered to have a great impact on a son’s marriage especially when the son is the first born.

    If this proposition is indeed true, then a hearty birthday message Ms. Kassim sent to Wema Sepetu on Wednesday, September 28 probably puts to bed the debate.


    Diamond Platnumz’s mother who goes by the moniker Kendrah_Michael on Instagram, said:

    “Happy birthday Mamy Akee @wemasepetu. May you live longer and may God protect and bless you abundantly as He fulfills your heart’s desires. Amen.”

    Rumors have been rife that Diamond Platnumz’s mother is not in good terms with Zari Hassan because the latter wants to control Diamond’s family – and She is not impressed.

    An insider is quoted saying:

    “Diamond Platnumz’s mother pushed Zari’s arm away and told Zari to leave her alone,” a source intimated to the outlet. I believe Zari and her mother-in-law are not in good terms. Even Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz does not get along with Zari,”.

    However when contacted Mrs. Kassim said:

    “Zari and I don’t have any dispute. Go and ask the one who told you that there are disagreements between us to tell you more,”“I have never quarreled with Wema Sepetu. It is they (Diamond and Wema) who could not steer their love boat. However, I welcome Wema to my place any time of day or night. My place is like her place. She is a good lady and my happiness is to see her close to my son – even if they are just friends,” she added.

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