You Don’t Need A Smartphone. Here’s Why;


    I would have started this article with a preamble, but that will give away the whole gist of this piece. But, there are people who shouldn’t own smartphones in 2017, I mean, what for?

    1. You never pick calls or reply to messages!

    What is your phone for? People like you should be taken back to the days when people would queue at phone booths to make calls. You clearly have no use for a phone.

    2. You Are Not On Social Media

    Ummh, friend, the reason smartphones were introduced was because technology had taken a different turn. We all couldn’t fit in cyber cafes to Facebook or Tweet all day. We wanted a better option. Otherwise, we could all have stayed with the Nokia 3310s. So, if you are not on social media, either to socialize or for business, give a friend that phone. You don’t need it.

    3. You Don’t Know How To Use That Phone

    We don’t want the embarrassment of listening to your calls on loudspeaker because you don’t know how to turn down the volume, or constant ringing in places where your phone is supposed to be on silent mode, simply because you don’t know what ‘SILENT MODE’ is or where to find it.
    Donate that phone to someone who can actually work it.

    The reason I wrote this article is because I have an annoying friend who NEVER picks calls or replies to messages. At least not on time. Sometimes, even their own parent will call, and they will be there just watching TV till you alert them that someone is calling. How do you not know your own ringtone? How do you not pay attention to your own phone? Clearly, there are people who shouldn’t own smartphones.

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