E3 2017 Day 1: Nintendo’s Announcements that Stole the Show

4 years ago

The 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 2017 kicked off today (the 13th June) and is expected to end on 15th June.

E3 is like the New York Fashion week only that its focus is on the video game industry and its latest products (the best of course).

This year’s E3 conference event is taking place in Los Angeles California and organized by the Electronic Software Association.

Nintendo is perhaps one of the companies that made several of gamers’ dreams come true.

Gamers have been doing a lot of waiting but our wait has come to a happy end as the company announced some pretty pleasant coming soon’s.

There was a mention of Kirby, new Yoshi, new Pokemon games just to mention a few.

It’s time to break down the biggest announcement that got our attention. All of it.

Nintendo definitely got the attention of gamers. It got them excited. Gave them something to include in their schedule, talk about, and connect with.

Brief History of E3

E3 is the primary retail showcase for the video game industry in North America. The Expo targets retailers and video game journalists.

The tradition has always been to have a press conference days prior to the event.

This year, it was held on the 11thth June and 12th June. This is held by several big publishers where details of new games and products are provided.

The event this year opened at the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 13th.

During every E3 event, attendees get a chance to visit publishers’ and developers’ booths available to demonstrate their new games.

Some publishers also hold closed-door presentations or are open to private interviews or demos of some products.

The event has always restricted attendance to members of the video game industry and the press but this year was different.

E3 2017 offered over 10,000 public passes from February 2017 and it was sold out by Mid-May.

We will bring you other interesting announcements made at the E3 2017.

The Nintendo news was too big to hold until the Expo is over. Good news should be shared as sharing is caring.



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