Empire Season 3 to Premier this September.

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FOX, the TV producers of Empire Season 3 one of the best-watched series of 2015 have released the official date for Season 3 premiere.

Fans who have been following the Tv show across the world are in for a great treat later this month with reports stating that season three of the family musical TV  drama is slated for release on 21st September 2016.

Season three comes at an opportune time since it has been on everyone’s waiting list and FOX have revealed that they are optimistic about it after an impressive rise in ratings that boosted the American Drama TV series Empire Season 3, that revolves around the life of a music mogul, Luscious Lyon, his wife Cookie and their three sons, Jamal, Hakeem, and Andre.

Empire season two premiered last year on 23rd September 2015 and ended on a high note leaving viewers high, dry and anticipating for more.

The captivating characters of Cookie(Taraji P. Henson ) was one of the best-acted characters in the TV series.Speaking at the FOX Tv offices the managing director said:

 “Well, those who have been waiting for Empire Season 3, including me now have a thousand reasons to smile as we countdown towards the premiere date”.

Well lets wat and see how it goes as we wait for Empire Season 3

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