Etreemly beautiful 19-year-old lesbian wreck marriages in Tanzania(photo)


    A 19-year-old self-confessed lesbian has said that she has bedded more than 40 women, with 20 of this estimate being people’s wives.

    Malkia Said, better known by the pseudonym Malkies, confessed to Tanzania blog that she was busted performing unnatural sexual acts with someone’s wife, and that caused her to be cut her hair by the said woman’s husband.


    19-year-old lesbianMalkia’s sexual orientation became too known in Dar es Salaam, with residents claiming she posed a serious threat to marriages.

    Malkia says she became realized her sexual orientation when she was little, and she would tease her female colleagues time and again.

    “When I was little, there was a male cousin of mine who was preying on me. He wanted to rape me, but I managed to elude him. When I joined Class Eight, I was taken to a boarding school in Mwanza. I had strong feelings for my female schoolmates. I just wanted to have sex with them,” she told the blog

    Malkia was later transferred to a different boarding school in Kibaha.

    “One day I fell sick. A friend of mine who was a Zanzibar national pecked me on the cheek. However, we took the peck too far as we found ourselves having sex. That was in 2010,” said 19-year-old lesbian

    The 19-year-old lesbian recounts she and her friend furthered their act for weeks – and when the school’s administration learned of their sexual orientation, their relatives were informed.

    However, they chose to ignore the alarm claiming that their daughters were being falsely accused.

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