Ezekiel Kemboi pulls another Stunt in Rio (Photos)


    Ezekiel Kemboi the 3000-metre steeplechase champion is known to pull a comical stunt every time he is taking part in the Olympic games.

    His previous arts involved the mohawk hairstyle and famous Chepchumba dance.

    In the Rio de Janeiro Games 2016, Kemboi has taken his fans aback after unveiling what has been termed a Mwai-Kibaki hairstyle.

    Ezekiel Kemboi the 3000-metre steeplechase champion reportedly made the cut in anticipation of a big win in the 3,000-metre steeplechase race on Wednesday at 4.30pm, Kenyan time.

    Many of his fans and Kenyans are anticipation for his win. The superstar is a multi-time winning champion in track events since 2000.

    While a section of Kenyans have frowned upon  Ezekiel Kemboi the 3000-metre steeplechase champion new haircut, others urged him to ensure he bags the gold medal to avoid a double embarrassment.

    If bald-headed Kemboi trounces his rivals, he will earn Kenya the fourth gold medal after Faith Kipyegon won the third in the Women’s 1500M.His art involves both the hair style and celebration retinue.

    After his Mohawk and Chepchumba dance, we have always looked forward to something new each time and he has never disappointed.

    This time round you will be shocked with his choice. Just check this out and decide whether it is a nut case or another comical relief.

    However, many athletes are do not run around the stadium in a flag celebration. For, Kenyan athletes only one Ezekiel Kemboi goes against the grain. He is comical and witty.

    His is actually not showmanship but rather a comical treat and entertainment.This is the best we  can get fro Kemboi and still yearning for more.

    Here are the photos of a bald-headed Kemboi:

    Ezekiel Kemboi (left) and David Rudisha (center) The Kibaki Style

    All the best Ezekiel Kemboi

    Additional info: Kenyans .co.ke

    Photos: Google Images

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