“Fat and Ugly” Governor Shames His Female Deputy in Public


    malombeKitui Governor has come under sharp criticism from women leaders after ‘shaming’ his deputy in public.

    Malombe is said to have attacked the deputy governor, Penina Malonza, during several public addresses. Apparently, she had threatened to ‘strip naked’ after a series of mistreatment by her boss.

    “I hear my deputy is threatening to undress in protest but even if she does that, no one will look at her twice because she is not worth drawing anyone’s attention,” Mr Malombe was quoted by the Nation.

    The governor made the latest remarks during a fundraiser at Itoleka Mixed Secondary school.
    On another occasion, Malombe accused his deputy of being ungrateful despite being lifted from obscurity.

    “I did not know this person. I chose her simply because I wanted a lady deputy from Mutomo but she doesn’t appreciate that I picked her from obscurity and made her a senior leader,” the Governor said.

    The remarks towards Ms. Penina have drawn reactions from various women leaders among them Charity Ngilu.

    “The governor has failed the leadership test by stopping too low to discuss a woman’s looks in public in front of the electorate,” Ngilu reacted.

    Source: Nairobi Wire