Fero Mobile smartphones, Specifications, and Prices in Uganda


    Fero Mobile presents you with awesome entry and mid-range handsets.

    The company has introduced several smartphone models in Uganda as it continues to spread to other parts of the continent.

    We have decided to make your purchasing decision easier by presenting the specifications and prices of several Fero Mobile handsets. You are welcome.

    Note: The prices are from Jumia Uganda

    1. Royale XI LTE and Royale YI LTE

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    1. Fero Iris and Fero Mega Dual SIM

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    1. Royale A1

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    The handsets don’t exactly come with life-changing features but they are okay handsets. The features are okay for mid-range handsets; hence, we cannot be critical of them as such.

    Iris promised to provide robust security through the iris scanners and that’s welcome.

    The Iris sensor was perhaps its’ strongest feature since the rest would only be great for an entry handset. It can, however, serve as a great second handset.

    The massive 5,000mAh Royale A1 battery is welcome. It is the only feature in that handset that really stands out. The 1GB RAM and 8MP main camera not so much. A 2GB or 3GB RAM would have been way better.

    The price tags are okay; hence, we cannot dwell on that much.

    The company has introduced several other mid-range and entry handsets in Uganda and they include Fero A4501 at UGX 193,500, Fero 5001 at UGX 270,000, and Fero Dual Mega SIM at UGX 430,000.

    Finally, Fero Mobile introduced okay mid-range handsets in Uganda and we can only wait to see what the company has in store for its customers. We can only hope for better.

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