Forget Kibera, Pop Icon Madonna Showcases Other Side of ‘Magical Kenya’

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madoLast month, pop idol Madonna made a quiet entry into the country, where, besides going on safari she visited Kibera slum.

One of her posts about Kibera’s drinking water however sparked a national outrage.

She wrote, “Imagine this is where your water comes from.”


Rapper Octopizzo, Kibera’s finest rapping talent, led the onslaught against the pop idol for her ‘disrespectful and ignorant’ post.

A month later, the 57 year old singer and songwriter has landed herself on the better side of Kenyans after sharing ‘magical’ moments of her Kenyan excursion.

In celebrating her 58th birthday today(16th August), the singer describes her visit to Kenya as an early birthday gift.

She shared with her 18 million Facebook fans, short clips, in which she is seen visiting several scenic destinations across the country, including dancing with the Maasai morans.

Here are some of the videos. The music in the background adds to the allure of the clips.

I think it is safe to assume that Kenyans have now forgiven the singer.

Source: Nairobi Wire