Lifestyle 10 Best Free Dating Sites In Kenya you Should Try 2020 for...

10 Best Free Dating Sites In Kenya you Should Try 2020 for Hookup


Single and ready to mingle? How about you try dating sites in Kenya for a change?

10 Dating Sites In Kenya you Should Try hookup for Free

The Kenyan society is changing. We are changing. Over the past few years, Kenyans have been turning to their smartphones for various services.

These range from banking, online shopping, and, now, online dating. Gone are the days when a negative stigma was attached to online dating services.

Consequently, there are several dating sites that have been specifically developed to help Kenyan singles find love.

Below is a list of 10 popular dating sites for singles:

List of Best Free Dating Sites In Kenya

1. Kenyan Cupid –

This is probably one of the best dating sites in Kenya. Kenyan Cupid is the OG of online dating in Kenya. Its’ dating services have spread to other parts of the world.

It has over 5,000 followers on Facebook.

2. DateMe Kenya –

This is one of the online dating sites in Kenya that gets beyond connecting people.

It constantly offers dating tips, relationship advice and organizes fun social events.

3. Singles Around Me –

This is an online dating service in Kenya with international affiliation. It operates in the United States Canada, U.K., Australian, and other parts of the world.

4. Afro Introductions –

Afro Introductions is a dating site for African Singles around the world. It is a subsidiary of Cupid Media Network and it operates Kenya and other African countries.

5. Mpenzi –

This Kenyan online dating service connects people, offers relationship advice and tips.

6. HIV Dating Kenya –

This is arguably one of the best online dating sites in Kenya for HIV-positive singles.

7. Flirt Box –

This is a free dating site in Kenya. The site offers both local and international dating services.

8. Mingle 2 –

This is one of the few Christian Online dating sites in Kenya. Below is the screenshot:

9. Cloud Romance –

This is a Kenyan-based dating service that connects singles in Kenya. See the screenshot:

10. Lava Place –

This site features Kenyan single women. See the screenshot below:
Dating services are more popular than you think.

Don’t be shocked that that friend of yours who is always hooked is using them. No shame in getting a little help.

Most of these online dating sites in Kenya are free to join but subscription fees apply to those who upgrade their membership status.

Most offer new users a free trial period of paid services and they (users) can opt out or downgrade to free services after the expiry of the trial.

Those who use pay services enjoy features such as contact details of other users, enhanced security features, dedicated customer care, attend exclusive events, etc.

People meet and form healthy relationships although it takes a longer time for some. For others, it is just a social experiment.

They just want to meet new people without necessarily establishing a committed relationship. The most important thing is to proceed carefully because scammers have tried to take advantage of dating sites.

 Go yee and find yours!
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