Gionee M6 Specifications, Review and Price in Kenya

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Gionee M6 is among smartphone brands that are expected to enter the Kenyan market soon.

The handset comes with impressive features and technologies.

Gionee M6 is a premium member of the Gionee M-series manufactured by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Gionee.

The company is among China’s largest smartphone manufacturers.

M6 was launched towards the end of 2016 at a time when the various top and second-tier companies were launching their flagships.

The company also unveiled Gionee M2017 which comes with a 7,000mAh battery capacity and 6GB RAM into the market.

Isn’t that exquisite? Should be if such inclusions are anything to go by.

Let’s look at M6. What’s hot? What’s not?

Gionee M6 key specifications:

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Design and Display

The M6 design will leave you with a good first impression. It’s one of those handsets that arouse curiosity once you set eyes on it-even the images tell an appealing story.

The smartphone sports a carefully crafted aluminum unibody design with impressive smooth edges.

You can comfortably hold it in your hands and it can as well fit in your pockets.

The same cannot be said about M6 plus since it’s a bit big.

The 5.5-inch AMOLED display and 401 ppi will definitely offer an awesome experience.

The translates into impressive viewing angles. If you enjoy watching videos and movies on a smartphone screen, M6 will definitely meet your needs adequately.


With a 1.8GHz octa-core processor and 4GB RAM, you can expect an okay performance.

The various apps should launch first and you should comfortably multitask.

The audio quality is also expected to be impressive.

In the recent past, most smartphone manufacturers are opting for Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset but Gionee decided to stick with MediaTek.

We will take it, nevertheless.

Gionee M6 Camera

The 13MP rear camera is good enough for everyday use.

The 8MP rear front facing camera is apt for selfies.

The primary camera comes with phase detection, autofocus, geotagging, HDR, panorama, dual-LED FLASH, touch focus, and face detection.

Photos captured by a camera of this capacity should be decent.

Of course, it may struggle a bit in low light conditions-quite honestly expected.

Yet, we can’t sulk over this since I am yet to find a handset that captures perfect images in low light conditions. Anything? Don’t worry, I’ll wait for an answer.


Gionee M6 comes with 5000mAh battery capacity slightly lower than that of M5 Plus which packs 5,020mAh battery capacity.

Gionee deserves a pat on the back for this.

The M-series appears to focus more on battery life since the M6 Plus comes with a massive 6,020mAh battery.

The 9V2A dual charge chips are included to ensure fast-charging capabilities.

Gionee seems to have gone an extra mile with battery life by incorporating features that allow low power usage.

The battery system has sensors and other technologies that monitor power consumption.

The inclusion of app freezing and background cleaning ensure that unnecessary apps are shut down.

This way, performance is optimized and power usage minimized.


During the launch of M6, Gionee stressed that this handset is the first smartphone with ultimate security features.

Reason being?

The handset comes with an encryption chip for the Chinese variant though Kenyan consumers will only get an M6 with a fingerprint scanner, privacy protection, and malware destruction.


What’s good?

  • Battery capacity and life
  • Processor
  • RAM
  • USB Type-C
  • Design and display

What’s not?

  • Maybe the fact that not have the encryption chip for enhanced security.
  • 16MP primary camera maybe; the 13MP is okay but ambition doesn’t hurt.


Gionee M6 is a next generation handset that meets the needs of a majority of smartphone users.

The giant Chinese manufacturer did not compromise much on this handset.

The handset is good for travel given its awesome battery life, for watching videos and movies, and a camera phone for everyday use.

The specs are impressive so I don’t see why consumers should not give Gionee a try.

The brand name may sound a bit off, but the company means business and the manufacture of M6 is proof.

There is a lot to love about M6 unless you are a phocist-just made that up to mean phone bias.

The good news is that if you are a nomophobe, M6 will definitely feed your obsession. Gracefully.

Chinese phone makers seem to be transforming the industry one smartphone brand at a time.

Guess their time to eat has officially arrived. Good for them. The timing is perfect and the reward is well-deserved.

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