Going On A Date? Ladies, Take Charge in These 4 Steps!


    He has asked you out, and because a couple of dates you’ve been to did not turn out as you expected, you are a little cautious about this one.

    You are not sure you like him, but it could be it’s because you don’t know the person he is yet.

    Here are four ways to take over and take control of this date, so whatever happens, you are not the one on the losing end.

    1. Pick The Restaurant
    Decide where you will wine and dine.

    This means you know the approximate budget for dinner, transport costs from your place to the venue and back, and any other costs involved.

    In case the date goes sour, you can always foot your bills and leave the venue.

    2. Decide Pickup/Meeting Time
    Is it a lunch date, dinner? Be the one to decide what time you will be meeting your date.

    This will give you space to make important decisions on what to wear and be ready by the time he comes to pick you up, or how to get to the venue in time.

    It also allows you to decide what time really works for you, and not what works for him.

    3. Familiarize Yourself With The Restaurant
    Don’t be clueless! Remember when we said you should be the one to decide which restaurant you go to? It is also for this reason that we encourage that.

    After deciding where you will dine, know what’s on the menu, and what your options are.

    Do not be the clueless girl who will eat ‘anything’ or ‘same as your order’, then to your shock, it turns out to be something you totally don’t like!

    4. Look Dashing!
    Look so good he becomes jealous. You see, looking good gives you bargaining power.

    There’s something about being so well dressed, smelling so good, that gives you power and authority and confidence.

    No, don’t be cocky, but it is easier to just be yourself, and say exactly what you mean when you don’t feel compromised by how you presented yourself.

    Also looking good leaves the impression of a girl who loves taking care of herself.


    Stay in charge throughout your date.Decide which topics to discuss, if you are not comfortable discussing personal matters then avoid topics along those lines. Be confident, and know that you are the best you can ever be!

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