Guy’s Marriage Proposal at Java House Turns Awkward


    javaOnce again, it is the season of marriage proposals. While we have already seen a couple of epic proposals, we finally get to see an awkward one for a change.

    A video captured by Nairobi News journalist Vincent Achuka, shows the moment a guy who appears to be in his late 20s plead with his girl for a kiss after he popped the question.

    Luckily for him, his lady did not say no, but she was uncomfortable with kissing him in public, choosing instead to lean on the table.

    Just like most embarrassing situations, the more one tries to correct it the more it goes down South.

    Not giving up, the guy tries one more time and in the process, a red engagement ring box falls to the floor prompting him pick it up amidst the drama.

    Seeing that the proposal was not panning out as smoothly as they had hoped, the guy’s wingman walks over to provide moral support to the embarrassed couple.

    Eyewitnesses claim that before he had to beg his girlfriend for a kiss, he was forced to stay on his knees for more than five minutes while begging her to take the ring.

    Complete trainwreck this one and painful to watch!! This is what happens when you ill prepare and copy stunts from romantic movies.

    Source: Nairobi Wire