Drunk Girl Student Video Going Viral

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Heavily Drunk School Girl Video Goes Viral: Chipukeezy offers help

Viral video of heavily drunk school girl splits opinion as Chipukeezy offers help

A shocking video has surfaced online showing a drunk girl in school uniform. The heavily intoxicated girl, who was at a bus stage, attracted a huge crowd as she uttered incoherent words.

The girl was saying that she decided to drink alcohol because her mother always comes back home drunk. She says that she looks up to her mother and that she decided to get drunk like her.

“Mothangu anakujanga kama ametei, so mi nafanya venye anafanya. Kama amekuja kama ametei mbona mimi nisitei? You know you should follow your role model so mi nafollow my role model, mbona nisitei?” said the drunk girl.

Split opinion

The video of the drunk school girl was widely shared on social media, some celebrities also shared the video on their Instagram accounts.

Some people protested the idea of sharing the video saying the girl is a minor and thus should be protected, while other shared the video arguing that it should serve as a lesson to irresponsible parents and other minors who dare drink.

Chipukeezy however offered to help the girl, the Nacada board member said he was more than willing to offer mentorship to the drunk girl.

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