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How To Apply For The Ksh.100,000 Parliament Naming Competition


Background  Information

The Parliamentary Service Commission is established under Article 127 of the Constitution of Kenya. The Parliamentary Service Commission is mandated to provide services and facilities for Members of Parliament and staff to efficiently and effectively fulfil the constitutional and legitimate mandate of Parliament and the roles and functions of a representative institution in a democratic system of government.

The Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) in furtherance of its strategic plan has been constructing the office block with the objective of providing offices for Members of Parliament. The construction of the office block is nearly complete. The PSC has identified the need to name the building in line with the constitutional mandate of Parliament.    The Commission has determined and resolved that this can be achieved through a naming contest.

The PSC has identified the need to carry out a naming contest that will seek the views of the public to enhance public participation in determining the most appropriate name for the building. The construction of the building has been financed by the Government of Kenya.

The Commission hereby invites interested Kenyans, individuals, groups, and or institutions to participate in a competition to name the building that encapsulates its mandate, strategic focus, direction and centrality of the citizen in quality service delivery.

Naming Contest Theme

The mandate of the Parliament of Kenya, which is an arm of the Government of Kenya and comprising of the Senate and the National Assembly, includes legislation and oversight. The Parliamentary Service Commission is therefore mandated to provide facilities for Members and staff which enable parliament to deliver on its mandate.  The PSC in constructing the Office Block has therefore delivered on its role to provide a clean, safe and secure environment for Members and staff to ensure efficient and effective delivery of the Parliamentary mandate.  This reflects the PSC’s longstanding commitment to a better working environment. This contest, therefore, looks to draw names that reflect the role of Parliament in society and its vision in the areas of good governance and representation. Names that celebrate underrepresented groups in the legislature, especially women or minority groups who have made great advances but did not receive appropriate historical recognition, are also encouraged.

Contest Overview

Phase I: Nomination—Nominations consisting of the proposed name, one-line justification pitch, and up to

The 250-word narrative will be accepted. After a check against the ‘name specifications,’ the proposed names and rationale of the names will be reviewed by the appointed committee and the names meeting the selection criteria shall be shortlisted for further consideration.

Phase II: Presentation—All the proposers of the names nominated from Phase I may be invited to make presentations to the Committee appointed to manage the naming contest.  The ten most highly ranked names will be revealed to the Commission (in alphabetical order) and passed on to Phase III.

Phase III: Parliamentary Service Commission Committee Review & Selection—The Commission will review and discuss the entries passed on from Phase II and conduct its own ranking. The Commission will check the results against the ranking from Phase II to ensure alignment with public desire before finalizing the nominations that will move in order of preference.

Phase IV: Vetting and approval by the Commission—Once the selected name is approved, the new name will be announced.

Contest Rules

1.   One person may submit up to two proposals via the official contest entry form provided at the end of this document.

2.   All proposals shall be submitted by 20tJune 2022 at 11.00 AM through the official entry form provided, physically dropped in the tender box on 4th floor, protection house or send via email: to both dg@parliament.go.ke and procurementpjs@parliament.go.ke

3.   Duplicate nominations will be consolidated before the open ranking in Phase II.

4.   The name must not contain inappropriate content.

5.   Each nomination shall include:

a. Your Name

b. Proposal of Building Name

c. One-line justification pitch (“This name would be great because …”)

d. Description (up to 250 words) as to why this name is the best fit for the building (within the above themes).

6.   The proposer’s name, Postal Address, Mobile phone number and email address to verify eligibility, and so that in the event of a question the contest’s Selection Committee may contact the proposer for clarification. The proposer’s name(s) will be replaced by a number to ensure anonymous and objective voting in Phase II and selection and ranking in Phase III.

7.   The winning proposal shall be awarded Ksh.100,000 (Kenya Shillings One Hundred Thousand Only)

Name specifications:

1.   The building cannot be named after an active person. A person must be in full emeritus status (or deceased)

2.   The name must be catchy and reflect constitutional values, the Parliamentary Service Commission’s stature and its legislative role.

3.   If the name of a person is selected as the winning building name, the name/person will need to go through a due diligence process and seek legal approval for permission to use prior to Commission approval.

4.   The name should not be under copyright, trademark, or other legal restriction.

5.   Any submissions deemed as vulgar, unprofessional, disingenuous, or otherwise maliciously motivated will be disqualified in Phase I before they are shared for Phase II.

6.   In Phase II, the Evaluation Committee shall consider the submissions and shortlist ten proposals.

7.   In Phase III, the Commission decide on the most suitable name and the decision of the commission will be final.

8.   All intellectual property rights to the name shall vest in the Parliamentary Service Commission once the competition is over and the winner is identified and awarded.

Committee Working Procedure

1.   Each member will individually review the proposals.

2.   The Committee will meet to share and discuss their findings and opinions.

3.   After discussion, each member will rank the proposals.

4.   The Committee shall ensure alignment with public desire and if there are substantial differences the Committee will discuss and reconcile before finalizing the top three entries.

5.   The proposal will then be presented to the Commission in order of preference

6.   The PSC reserves the right to make modifications to the winning name

7.   The Commission reserves the right to register the winning name as its copyright.

8.   Any material, graphic software or other items prepared by an entrant in the competition shall belong to and remain the property of the Commission.

9.   The commission’s decision is final and will not be open to any correspondence or appeal whatsoever

The filled name submission form below of the proposed name shall be enclosed in a plain sealed envelope and marked NAMING COMPETITION FOR MULTI-STOREY OFFICE BLOCK and deposited in the tender box situated on the 4th floor, Protection house, at the junction of Parliament Road and Haile Selassie Avenue on or before 20tJune 2022 at 11.00 AM

Addressed to:

The Director General, Parliamentary Joint Services, Protection House, Parliament Road, P.O. BOX 41842 00100,

Nairobi, Kenya.

Tel: +254 020 284000


E-mailed to both dg@parliament.go.ke AND procurementpjs@parliament.go.ke



Download the application form.

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