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How to Keep Track of Someone Without Giving Yourself Away


How to Keep Track of Someone Without Giving Yourself Away

If you want to keep track of someone without giving yourself away, then you need to take precaution.

You can track anyone’s whereabouts using their cellphone number. There are various ways to do it including Carrier contract, built-in OS solution and a third-party app like Cocospy. Following we will describe all three of these options and evaluate which one is the most convenient.


If you wanted to find a free cell phone tracker by number, you have come to the right place. We are going to introduce you to Cocospy. This is a top-tier app that helps you to track someone else phone just by their number.

Yes, you can keep track of their location only if you have their cell phone number. Following, we are going to explain how you can do it! 


What is Cocospy?

This is a tracking app that lets you keep tabs on someone you care. Don’t worry; this is a tried and test solution. Cocospy is featured in articles by several publications with the likes of the New York Times, Forbes, Fortune, and others. All of these publications have praised this app in their review. This app also has several testimonials by its millions of user. Every single one of its user has praised this app.


This App helps you track and record live calls of the target. You can also keep tabs on their email and text messages. You can also track their social media in real time with GP location. The story doesn’t end here; you can view their contacts and browser history as well.

If you want, you are also able to access their contacts and calendar. Last but not least, this app also lets you get control of the target device remotely. It works with both iOS and Android. Also, you don’t have to jailbreak or root your device to install Cocospy.

How to Use it?

If you want to keep tabs on someone, Cocospy can help you do it. It saves your time and effort to track someone. Don’t worry; you don’t need mad technical skills to set this app up.

All you have to do is download it from the official company website and install it. Note to yourself; you are going to need aces the target device in person. Don’t worry; the app will install in a few minutes. Just make sure you hide it once you are done.

If you want full functionality, you better get the premium version. This will help you track the target without giving yourself away in the process.

You can see the location tracking module on this screenshot. This is how you live to track the location of your target device.

This app has an easy to use interface. You want it hard to use. In case you have some issues, you can refer to the provided guide or contact the support team.

Cell Phone Carrier

Almost every telecom company features paid tracking plans. The tracking app is connected to your account and helps you track a number, given you have permission. It is legal and a good way to track every number associated with your account.

The cellphone towers will triangulate the geographical position of a mobile phone near to a given region. The technology will not need you to use a GPS facility or can. You can work just fine even if you use a basic cellphone. You don’t have to use a smartphone via this method. You should know this is not a free option; you will have to pay the telecom company every month to keep track of the target.

Android and iOS

Smartphones, whether they are Android or iOS, comes with a built-in tracking feature. If you are using Android, then you go to Settings and Device Manager. From here, you will need to enable Location sharing. Just enter the receiving device, and you will be fine.

If you are using an iPhone, then you have to go to Find My Friends. Enable location sharing in Find my location and share it with your phone.


Although the built-in tracking feature of Android and iOS is free of cost, it’s the least efficient due to inaccurate Tracking. The phone carrier option is a bit better, but it doesn’t come with the added functions of Cocospy. So, if you want to keep track of someone without giving yourself away, you better get the premium option out of the bundle. It will help you track the target without giving yourself away.

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