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Huduma Namba Registration: Card, News, Website


Do you know what Huduma Namba is? Is it against the law for the government to carry out the exercise?

Whats Huduma Namba?

Huduma Namba is a free government service conducted by the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) that involves collecting biometric data after which the system generates a unique number (Huduma Namba) which will enable one to access government services. Such services include applying for a driving license, ID, birth certificate among others.

The service is expected to cost the taxpayer between Sh5 billion and Sh6 billion.

The mass registration will run for 45 days.

The Huduma Namba does not require you to be at the same place with your family while you register. You do not need to go to your village or your county.

Is Huduma Namba registration lawful?

Well, Laws have been put in place to ensure no litigation hinders the rollout of this programme.

The Registration of Persons Act was amended in the National Assembly to include digital biometric and data capture.

A standalone Huduma Namba Bill is in Parliament and it includes permission to capture data as well as makes provisions for the protection of that information.

Launching the project, PS, Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government of Kenya, Karanja Kibicho assured Kenyans that they did not have to go to their places of birth to register

What is unique about this number?

Documents like: National Identity Card, KRA PIN number, driving licence, passport and many others are recorded in different databases so Huduma Namba consolidates the information to arrive at the ‘single source of truth’ regarding a Kenyan.

There is no new data the government is looking for. The only difference is that it is digital and biometric.

After the new registration, this data has to go for verification before you are issued with any sort of card or document.

Once the government is done with the registratration, the Huduma Namba will be the only identification document you will need.

For foreigners entering the country, they will also be required to register with the services except for those coming for a short period.

The governments hopes Huduma Namba will be a useful tool for the government to use in national planning, social services, project resource allocation and even project infrastructure. No other document gives the government the ability to serve its people that way


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